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Amazing racing and training adventures on roads and mountainous/hilly TRAILS, freewaybikehike and triathlons. Dreams of a SIX FOOT 45km finish,(DONE 2011,2013,2014,2015!),then ULTRA-TRAIL AUSTRALIA (50km DONE 2016! 100km DONE 2018!!!), memorable Melbourne Marathon and Gold Coast racing. Over a decade dreaming of a SUB 3HR MARATHON, sub 18min 5k, sub 38min 10k, sub 90min Half marathon etc...(shattered? or still realistic?)

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Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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42.2km SB; 2004; 3.55 2005; 4.02 2006; 4.18 2007; 4.10 2008; 3.55
2009; 4.11 2010; 4.05 2011; 4.02 2012;3.49 2013; 4.12 ... 2014; ; 4.08 ...2015; 4.00
2016; 4.11 2018; 4.15
More ongoing GOALS;
***PB's pursuit; 5k 21.49, 10k 41.01 21.1k 1.41, ...42.2k 3.49

MM and the G!...

In recent years I have been enjoying races like;
December; 6-INCH(46km offroad)2005;--6 hrs 25 min...
2006; 7hrs 04 min 2008; 7hrs 00min...2009; 6hrs 16min
...2010:--5hrs 49min..2011:---5hrs 30min..2013---7 hrs 24min... 2014--- 7 hrs 06min 2015--6hours 43min ...2016---6hours 41min
October; Melbourne Marathon 2007; 4hr 10 . 2008 DNF at 23km..
2009 4hrs 11. 2010 4hrs 05min...2011;4hrs 02min...photos
2012; 3hrs 49min 52secs PB!... ..2013; 4.12 2014; 4.08 2015; 4.05... 2016; 4.53
Rottnest Marathon 2004; 4hr 32min ... 2013; 4hr 16min
August; City to Surf most years since 1997 see HERE for details,photos.
PERTH C2S PB's; 4K;17min 25 (2002) 12K;52min 52 (1997)
21.1K;1.54.20 (2007) 42.2K; 4.00.20 (2015) (2010 video)
Perth City to Surf Marathon finisher 2009,2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
GOLD COAST; 2012 HALF; 1.44 2013 HALF; 1.47 2014 HALF 1.49
2015 4.11 ..., 2016 4.11
PERTH Marathon(42.2km)
2004; 3hrs55min
2005;--4 hrs 02 min. 2006; 4hrs 18min 2007;4hrs 33
2008; 3hrs 55 2009; 4hrs 41min 2010; 4hrs 30min
2011; 4hrs 12min 2012; 4hrs 6min 2013; 4hrs 19min 2014 4hrs 48min 2018 4hrs 15min
2016 50km 9 hours 50min
2017 100km DNF CP4 57km
2018 100km 24hrs 33min 15
April;TWO DECADES of Bridges racing; 1997; 43min 43 1998; 41min 01
1999; 47min 29 2000; 46min 47 2001; (5km) 30min 01 2002; (5km) 22min 48
2003; 42min 40 2004; 48min 50 2005; 44min 40 2006; 48min 07 2007; 49min 16
2008; 50min 42 2009; 49min 54 2010; 48min 39 2011; 52min 55 2012; 47min 02 2013; 54min 45 2014; 48min 47 2015; 49min 53 2016 52min 20
March;6 Foot Track 45km;
2011; 6.53 2013; 6.54 2014; 6.47
2015; 6.14!!! 2016 DNF

As of June 2018; 31 road marathons finished (Perth x12, Melbourne x9,Perth City to Surf x6 Gold Coast x2 Rottnest x2
Have also finished 19 trail ultra races; 6 inch 47km ultra finished 11 times, six foot 45km ultra 4 times, Ultra Trail Australia ultras 2 times, Truth 50km ultra once within cutoff (and once outside cutoff), Lark Hill 50km ultra once.
Also completed the Bloated Goat 31km (1500m Vertical gain) 2 times which is similiar effort to a 46km ultra.
DNFs in UTA100km, WTF50miler, WAMC40miler race, Truth 50km, Six foot and 6 inch.
The first 3 DNFs were after covering more than 42km, and with Truth one was a 25km DNF and the first one I finished the full 50km but was 19minutes outside cutoff battling an ankle injury for 36km.
In road marathons 2 DNFs one at 23km in the 2008 Melbourne Marathon due to severe ankle injury in the first 1km, and PC2S @ 30km.

Most races since October 2009; >
24/06/2018 Eagle 22km 2hrxx(59min officially, but 43min on my watch as started late)
17/06/2018 Perth Marathon 4hrs 15min
19/05/2018 Ultra-Trail Australia 100km 24hrs 33min 15secs 913th of 964 finishers
218 withdrawals
03/03/2018 Lark Hill 50km
17/12/2017 6 inch 48km 7hrs
06/08/2017 Truth 50km 8hrs 22min 59
16/07/2017 Jolly Jumbuck 21km 2hr 54min (94th of 129)
02/07/2017 King of the Mountain 16km 1hr 41min
20/05/2017 Ultra-Trail AUSTRALIA 100km DNF (at 58km and 10hours 38min)
26/03/2017 Bloated Goat 30km 5hr 18min
18/12/2016 6 inch 48km 6hrs 41min
16/10/2016 Melbourne Marathon 4hours 53min
25/09/2016 WTF 50 miler DNF at 55km
14/08/2016 Truth 50km DNF at 25km
3/07/2016 Gold Coast Marathon 4.11
14/05/2016 Ultra Trail Australia 50km 9 hours 50min
3/4/2016 My 20th consecutive Bridges fun run 10km 52.20 (hammy strain)
12/3/2016 Six Foot Track DNF at 30km 5 hours.
---------------------- 20/12/2015 6 inch 47km 6 hours 43min
15/11/15 Bloated Goat 30km Trails race (1600m Vert) 5hrs 43min
18/10/15 Melbourne Marathon 4.05
13/09/15 Fremantle 10km 47min 22
30/08/15 Perth City to Surf Marathon 4 hours 00min 20 secs.
05/07/15 GCM 4.11
24/05/15 R4R Half Marathon 1hr 46min 13secs
12/04/15 Bridges 10km 49min 53secs.
04/04/15 Perth Trail Series Truth & Consequences 50km ULTRA 8hours 49min
14/03/15 Six Foot Track 45km 6hrs 14min 11secs Smashing PB!!! (32min)
21/12/14 6 inch Trail 47km 7hrs 06min 30secs
12/10/14 Melbourne Marathon 4hrs 8min (8th fastest marathon in 25 finished)
14/09/14 Fremantle 10km 49min 26 (first K 3.47 5k split 23.02)
31/08/14 Perth City to Surf 42.2k 4hrs 34min
06/07/14 Gold Coast Half Marathon 1.49
15/06/14 Perth Marathon 4.48
01/06/14 Elleker Half Marathon 1.59.
21/04/14 40 miler DNF (28miles)
06/04/14 18th Bridges 10km 48min 47secs...since 1997
08/03/14 6 Foot Track 45km 6hrs 47min 02. (824th) A PB!!! :-)
09/02/14 Snakes and Ladders 15km 2.05
15/12/13 6 inch Trail Ultra 7.24
27/10/13 Rottnest Marathon 4.16.41
13/10/13 Melbourne Marathon 4.12.55
25/08/13 Perth City to Surf Marathon 4.13.28
11/08/13 Perth Half Marathon 1.54.05
28/07/13 Fremantle 10km 50.06 (very sick but first 1k in 3.55)
07/07/13 Gold Coast Half Marathon 1.47.29

16/06/13 Perth Marathon 4hrs 19min 55secs
My 10th consecutive Perth Marathon...Click to see -> how I became a SPARTAN...

19/05/13 Joondalup Half Marathon 1hr 58min 26secs 310th of 495.
07/04/13 Bridges 10km 54min 45seconds.
09/03/13 6 Foot Track 45km 6 hours 54 minutes 20 seconds. 740th of 804...blog post or ...photos! page.

24/02/13 Perth Trail Series Qi Gong 14km 1hr 37min 04 Placed 79th of 117 finishers.
09/02/13 Busselton Half Marathon 1hr 51min 58 secs 219th. full Busso results here
02/11/12 John Gilmour 10k track 47.17 ..see here
14/10/12 Melbourne Marathon 3hrs 49min 52secs ..(777.)
16/09/12 Fremantle 10km 47min 16
26/08/12 City to Surf Marathon 4hrs 42min 41 secs
15/07/12 Lake Joondalup 10km 47min 30.
01/07/12 Gold Coast Half Marathon 1hr 44min 49 secs. 1668th of 9035 finishers

17/06/12 Perth Marathon 4hrs 6min .. (post and photos here)
20/05/12 Joondalup Half Marathon 1hr 47min 01secs. (151st of 313 finishers)
15/05/12 Masters 5000m 21min 58secs
13/05/12 Bunbury Half Marathon 1hr 46min 45 secs. (76th of 240 finishers)
22/04/12 PTS Ellis Brook 21.8km trails race 3hrs 12min 28secs. 39th.
01/04/12 Bridges 10km 47min 02
25/03/12 17.3km (690m ascent) Swissmurdie trails race 2hrs 19min 17secs 54th of 60.
20/03/12 MastersWA 1500m in 5.56, 100m in 14.3, 400m in 76.4, 5000m in 23.33.
26/02/12 WAMC Swan Twilight 5km 24.32
26/02/12 Perth Trail Series Qi Gong 14km 1hr 44min 08 secs 70th of 102.
04/02/12 Busselton Half Marathon in 1hr 49min 31 secs.
18/12/11 6 inch 46km 5hrs 30min PB!
09/10/11 Melbourne Marathon in 4hours 02minutes 49secs...photos...

12/09/11 Fremantle 10km in 45minutes 50 secs.
7/8/11 Perth Half Marathon in 1hr 47min 46 secs.
17/7/11 Lake Joondalup 10km in 46min 33secs.
19/6/11 Perth Marathon in 4 hours 12min 54secs (351st of 547.)
12/6/11 Lake Monger 10km in 48min 09secs
22/5/11 Bunbury Half Marathon 1hr 51min 44secs 109th of 261 finishers
10/4/11 Bridges 10km 52min 55
12/3/11 6 foot 45km in 6hrs 53min 07 secs...819th...of 877...33 DNF's...4 outside 7hr cutoffRace Report and race photosPre & post race photos,initial ELATION
Note; Completing 6 foot is a major goal achieved which I have had in mind since 2005!!!!!!!

4/3/11 3000m in 12min 40 (19th of 19 finishers)Momentum building a little,sub 13 done! :-)
18/2/11 5000m in 23min 31 (20th of 20 finishers...4 DNF's)..results
5/2/2011 21.1km Busselton Half in 1hr 51min 41 secs for 124th of 218 finishers.
19/12/10 46km 6 inch trails race in 5hr 49min (63rd of 79 finishers)
10/12/10 5000m in 22.43 18th of 18!
5/11/10 John Gilmour 10,000m in 47min 36. (23rd of 31)
10/10/10 Melbourne Marathon 4hrs 5min...2895th of 5027 finishers...
12/9/10 Fremantle 10km in 46min 53...a big SB and my best time since 2005!
29/8/10; 42.2km in 4hrs 15min for 537th of 830 finishers...my 6th best of 12 M. finishes.
19/8/10; 5000m in 22min 06.0 secs (SB by 0.6 of a second, & Stan did a SB also that night)
22/7/10; 5000m in 22min 06.6 secs. (SB and 17secs off my track PB)
20/6/10 Perth Marathon in 4.30.
13/5/10; Masters 2000m 7.55 (first sub 8min run since 2005) & 5,000m 22.42
22/4/10; Masters 800m 2.46 & 5,000m 22.29!~(2nd best ever track 5,000m, track PB is 21.49,)
3/4/10; Australian Masters 35-39yrs; 4th in 1500m 5min 34secs. see here...
28/3/10; Bridges 10km in 48min 39secs. 388th of 1646
25/3/10; 300m in 47.6, 600m in 1.57.0 100m in 14.6
18/3/10; Masters 1500m in 6.03 & 10,000m in 49min 35
28/2/10; 4th place in 6 hour Track Race at Coker Park; 45.003km
6/2/10; Busselton 21.1km in 1hr 52min 50 secs
20/12/09;6 inch 46km 6hrs 16min
15/11/09; Peninsula 5km 22min 5225th of 73.
6/11/09; John Gilmour 10km 48min 39
11/10/09; Melbourne Marathon 4hrs 11 min 33 secs
4/10/09; Freo funrun 5km in 22min 53 secs
... ...
2011; 5hrs 30min 6 inchPB!! 2012; 3hrs 49min PB(Melbourne Marathon)!!2014; 6hrs 47min PB! @ 6 foot!

The next big things racing wise maybe;

6 inch 46km
on 16th December @ 0430hrs, countdown (activated a few days before?) is;

Kathryn and I welcomed our daughter Jordan into the world June 2010 A.D.!
Kathryn and I welcomed our son Jacob into the world in late July 2007 A.D.!
Our challenge is to be good parents with the Creator Gods help!

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but for the most important thing in life;
there is only 2 ways to live!...Bible Gateway...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Long run at Moneghetti camp saves the week

It was a big slice of runners paradise on the Moneghetti camp, with scintillating memories of the marathon master Moneghetti, Radar and all the legends, the cafe, the Physio, basketball, the river, pine forests and native bush and some more hilly 6 foot training during my long run on the Sunday.

On the Sunday I was able to log 2hrs 56min over about 23km of trails, (HR 135 at end) including some very good hills towards the end, as we found our way back to the road after our little divert to the south east adventure. Even stopped to try and pick some blackberries.

On the Saturday to fire up my weekend warrior effort for this week, in the AM I struggled to cope with the Fartlek and warmdown run, and in the PM did about 37min of trails.

2 weeks to go. The very invigorating times and insights at the camp could be of great value.
Hopefully I have enough in the bank for a successful 6 foot 45km trails race in Sydneys Blue Mountains. I think I do have what it takes, but it won't be until several hours into the race that I know for sure.
Im nervous, just want to get to the start line healthy, and ready to give it a good shot. Its been a goal for about 6 years since I did the first 6 inch 46km in 2005, with my (photos)26 minute PB at 6 inch in December 2010 (and a 9 minute PB at 6 inch 2009), I am hopefully as ready as I have ever been. Just a little worried that I have slacked off a bit since 6 inch in December, but the residual strength should still be there especially as I have maintained with zigzag run with C team, 35km Australia Day 4 hour slog in the heat, nearly 3 hours at the Mona camp, hill reps on my local roads, and the lesmurdie 2hour run with Aaaron and BBC covering 400m+ of elevation...These runs give me confidence that I can survive 6 foot and successfully finish in my first go at it. I'd like to have done a whole lot more training, and my mileage although improved has still not really hit the level I want, not even close, but although my training momentum and progression is slow, it is heading in the right direction... So hopefully I can get to the finish in under 7 hours. If things go well I will try for various time goals.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

blazing away with a 29 second 200m in a 5000m race

With 6 foot only 3 weeks away, I need to get onto some hill reps soon, and have about 14-18 days to get some more runs in, but don't want to do anything too extreme. Main thing is to get to start line with minimal injury issues, and enjoy the race, avoiding the sweepers, and maybe I can go sub 6 hours on the day....
was hoping to get up to Darlington for a run with the C-team, but didn't get there, lack of petrol money was one of the reasons.
Finishing the 6 foot track... 45km in the blue mountains in under 7 hours, has been a major goal of mine for about 6 years, hoping I can make it in 21 days time.

Sunday 20th December 0800;
Ran 5x1km hill reps HR's 150-171, with 1km recovery run in between each rep.
54m of ascent and 16m of descent on each hill rep. Total elevation for session 270m.
Times; 5.11 (HR-??), 5.08 (HR-165), 4.50 (HR-171), 5.50 (HR 150), 5.22 (HR-162).

Found this really easy compared to when I did 3x1km hill reps in early January.
Worked hard on the 3rd rep to be only 8 seconds off my best time for this course.
Took it easy on the 4th and 5th reps, and I could feel the work on my calf muscles on the 4th rep especially.
Overall thats good news that I am getting stronger hill strength wise, but its obvious I need tougher steeper hills than this. The Lesmurdie run 2 weeks back with over 400m of elevation must have paid dividends. So Ive got 2 more weeks to try and find some steep hills again. Stirling Ranges would be ideal, but I dont think I have the time or money for that. The hills near Nanga will help a bit on the Moneghetti camp next weekend, but I still need more...
So a good session this one, but I think I need something a lot tougher...Have to head for the Darling Range as soon as I can...

Friday 18th December 2011 2000hrs;
Ran 5000m track race in 23min 31 secs HR 174 at end. 1k splits 4.05 /4.52/ 5.03 /4.55 /4.36
Hit the lead just before 200m mark, and was surprised to take only 29 seconds for the 200m this time, compared to 32 seconds on 10th December 2010 (the last time I raced a 5000m at WA Athletics Stadium). Managed to stay in the lead until about 250m or so maybe close to 300m, so my wife and 2 young kids got to see me in front, cos they all came to watch. I know it was a very exciting night especially for 3 year old Jacob to be there. It was a tough mission to get all 4 of us there, but overall I think our whole family enjoyed the experience, and are better for having been there.

Top 5 all in the 14 minute realm, and Raf Baugh was a close 3rd.
1 See, Marc SSN 14:38.6h 2 Heywood, Ethan SSN 14:44.4h 3 Baugh, Rafael AWA 14:46.7h 4 Bruins, Thomas UWA 14:54.6h 5 Busi, Roberto AWA 14:59.9h
See HERE for full results...Cody and Gerry had to settle for 6th and 7th in 15.25 and 15.51. Paul Mitchell there for 8th in 16.09. Four DNF's. The lead pack was large and aggressive, partly due to my pacemaking efforts maybe??? Possibly some photos coming on Codys blog maybe...

In an 800m race just before ours; Chris Deboer (I remember when he first started making state teams many, many years ago, when I was competing for the UWA club) got beaten by a Canning Districts runner Jace Collingridge in the 800m in 1.49!…

Anyhow back to my race. First 400m was 75secs (200m splits 29/46), and by 400m most of the field had passed me. I think I can run 200m in 27 or quicker on that fast track, maybe quicker, as I had some troubles getting my watch to start early on and lost a second or so sorting that out in the first 100m plus just feel I could find a bit more…However I think we had about a 2.6m tailwind in the front straight so that might have a bit to do with it. Still amazing at almost 37 years of age with an awful technique I am getting close to the 26.9 200m I did at interschool sports in 1985 as an 11 year old. So basically a great first 200m, hung in there ok for the first 1k, then struggled to hold together just under 5min per K, and couldn’t hit the 1.45-1.50 400m splits I needed to threaten my 21.49 5000m track PB. Solid kick for the finish with a 4.36 last 1k (last 400m 98 seconds), without really going for broke.
No full blooded kick to the finish = low finishing heart rate of only 174. Partly due to trying to avoid a stitch.

Overall its a mediocre run, but all I can expect with only the 2 slowish 500’s sessions in recent weeks. If I want the time I have to get some track sessions done. Nice to dip under 4.45 per K anyhow despite not really being ready to race. Just sick of spending the whole year not showing up to race cos I don’t feel ready physically and/or not well trained enough.

Listened to a lot of aggressive speed metal on a Deliverance compilation album(A decade of DELIVERANCE which features the previously unreleased track Rescue) a very hard to find but legendary song! which didn't make the cut for the WOOW album, and some aggressive industrial music (Fearful symmetry)(Black (in the alone), especially reminds me of the classic Deliverance speed metal pedal to the metal attack), while cranking out one of my best days at work so far in the new job (since November) today, so I was in an extremely aggressive racing mindset, and so very mentally ready to race. Managed to delude myself into thinking maybe I could run in the 21’s but reality set in at about 700m-2k, when I realised the spirit was willing but the weak body was not ready as usual. Plus was keen to see how Raf went.

Still glad I showed up, and very beneficial I think for our whole family to be there…hopefully next time I will have a stack of good track sessions under my belt. Nil injury issues also a good sign. just over 3 weeks until 6 foot, Moneghetti camp fast approaching, and maybe in late March or later I can finally post some good times/challenge the PB’s. But for now good just to get a solid race done…

Monday 14th February Ran 8km in 39min 57 HR 180 at end.
4km splits; 19.56/20.01
Nice to smash the 40min barrier for 3rd time on this hilly street circuit.
More than a minute off the course PB I did in December of 38.40…but one of my best runs this year for sure…
heart rate pretty high at the end, after kicking strongly for home in the last uphill km in an attempt to sneak under the 40 minutes. Mission accomplished by 3 seconds.
Started with 4.30 in the first downhill K, and lugging my 82kg spare tyre along seemed hard…The 60-70% humidity resulted in more than 1kg of fluid loss (mostly sweat) during this run.
Managed to find a 4.10 K with a tailwind on the nice flat section, followed by a 4.35 into headwind on the flat section, which gave me a 5k split of 24.35 battling headwinds in the second half of this run, but managed to get under 35.30 for 7k which was my hastily devised target time with a 35.24, so I knew I was half a chance to get under the 40, and kicked hard for home with an uphill 4.33 last K… Pleasing run…

Celebrating my promotion from waitlist to confirmed entrant in 6 foot with some better runs this week…...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

4 weeks until 6 foot!!!!!!!

Well its 4 weeks until 6 foot now, so getting close and as of today I am finally off the waitlist and a confirmed entrant. I was quietly confident this would happen for a long time, but its taken longer than I thought it would, and its just a relief to finally be over that significant hurdle. Ive tried not to be anxious about it, but its been a 2 month wait, that has been hard to ignore. Trainingwise this week was a bit of a wipeout, although I did do;
1. 20.5km long run saturday 2hrs 33min trails HR 120,
2. 7km on Tuesday @ 5.17 per Km...HR only 153...and
3. slow 9.5k on Friday (52min 18).
In general, between niggles and trying to step up at work, deal with 6 foot entry this week, (I had to juggle borrowing money for entry fee with work commitments) and other hassles its been a bit of a dud week, although the 37km done will ensure I dont lose too much ground.

In the 6 foot 100 day mileage challenge as of Saturday I had clocked up 84km for my February total and was on track for about 200km for the month, which gives me a chance of beating my January total of 201km, but I want to do more than that...I have 15 days to turn it around...and try and at least make it to 250km or maybe 300km...

I figure Ive got 1-2 more weeks to try and put in some good long runs, and about 3 more weeks to try and work on my hills stuff, and general fitness, speedwork etc. After that its race day and hopefully the Zig Zag run, the 35k on Australia day, the 13k with almost 500m elevation at Lesmurdie, my 6 inch PB of 5.49 in December, and the Black Swan hillreps I have done will help me finish 6 foot well...

R has constructed this awesome little vid based on his and BBC's real life experiences...see

My track racing plans have fallen by the wayside unfortunately. Its not too late to resurrect them, but my motivation and opportunities are dwindling each week that I fail to get on track for that. So not giving up on a return to track racing, but not sure when it will be, (could be this Friday if all goes well, or it could be in a few weeks, after 6 foot, or April, maybe wait until October or whatever)...Anyhow I have more important priorities unfortunately just now, and until they are dealt with track racing continues to be pushed into the low priority basket....

So not a good week, not a useless week, but more a hanging in there maintenance week than anything else. But at least I can plan for 6 foot now in the knowledge that my entry is taken care of...so Thanks God for that.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged and helped me, I hope to put some good results on the board soon, and build on the 2 years of 6 inch PB's and the 4.05 Melbourne Marathon last year, the 46min Freo 10k and the 22min 5k races plus the 7.55 2k last year, and hopefully see some good results... Moneghetti camp coming soon, so that should help renew some optimism. If I had the money and time I'd be at a Physio or Chiro for both me and my wife, as we both need it for several niggles that are frustrating both of us.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

lesmurdie busso half and 500s

Photos from an epic, tough, steep, glorious Lesmurdie run. Massive thanks and respect to A and BBC for this one. Me very happy, although the freaky fall was a painful one...
In brief;
our internet is down again my calf is very sore (and with icepack on right now) after busselton half (BUSSELTON RESULT HEREmy wounds from my scary fall on 13k lesmurdie 460m elevation trail run are healing our bills r stacking up and i am blogging with my mobile phone which is very! Slow and laborious. Monday 5.6k run 34min
tuesday-small 16second improvement to 11.35 for 6x500m 1.49 my best one
wednesday 13k 1hr45min 460m elevation steep!scarp hills! Glorious views
Photos above...

saturday 1min better than last year 1hr 51min 41secs (Busselton Half) so
first 1k 4.11 5k 23.53
sunday 8.4km 46min hr 153 strong winds icepacked calf 3 times today first 500m sore every step then pain gone sore again after the run but then calf felt better during 90min walk with some jogging with my wife and two young kids
so some high intensity this week but no big long run but if the calf heals quick im making progress the bills getting veryery! Hard to deal with desperate times again but high hopes we can get past it all god willing thats 3 weeks of solid ttraining banked but no big result in my first race of the year need to be patient and try to persist.

In Detail;
Internet connection back so have added photos and no longer have to try and type using tiny phone keypad...

feeling a whole lot more positive now that I have moved up the waitlist for 6 foot again AND my entry for BBC's summer training comp has been accepted. wuhoo!

Sunday 6th feb;
Ran 8.4km in 46min 26 (5.31 per K) HR 153…
Last of 12 laps was my quickest. Basically a test run to see if my sore calf could survive a few laps. i icepacked it 3 times during the day, and wasn’t very confident to start with…It weas sore with every step for the first 500m and at that stage I figured maybe a km or so and then I would call it a night and take a few days off…Then the pain disappeared which suggests to me that once the muscles warmed up the injury was no longer sore…no major problems for the next 7-8k…, although I took it a little easy…strong easterly wind to push into…found some good rhythm and I am pleased to get a solid run on the board that gets me over 50km and 300min for the week, and takes me to 47km for my February total in the 100 day challenge…
After the run the calf got sore again as my muscles cooled down…a 90 minute walk with my wife and kids plus some jogging with my 3 year old (he is getting quite quick now…) and it started to feel good again so hopefully just a painful niggle that will heal itself in the next few days…

Saturday 5th February
Ran Busselton Half Marathon in 1hr 51min 41 secs. HR 171 at end.
10.55km splits 54min 18secs / 57 min 23 secs
-Its a minor miracle I made it to the start line for this one, a 3hr solo drive starting at 0330 to get there an average of 2hrs sleep the last 2 nights, a massive struggle to get the petrol money to go there.
-Its also a minor miracle I managed to beat last years time by 69 seconds (therefore a small course record for me), after battling sore left calf for most of the race, strong winds, weariness from the wednesday trail run, no targeted training, and an unscheduled toilet stop in the first 10k…Finished strongly and my drinks strategy seemed to work well. Was blessed with some people to battle with in the last few km. Disappointing not to get closer to the 1.41 Half PB, but that can wait for another day, although it will be a long wait as Darlington clashes with 6 foot, and Freo Half is probably too close to Melbourne, my main race since 2007. I think Perth needs a few more Half races., I guess there is Bunbury, Albany and City to Surf.
Nice to finally get a race on the board for 2011. Really like this course. A good solid hitout. Will be very beneficial and hopefully I can do a few more like this in training.

Wednesday 2nd February
Ran 13km in 1hr 45min 27 secs Elevation gain about 460m maybe.
Followed BBC and A up some tough terrain trails, with some long very steep uphills and downhills.
At times I struggled to keep them in sight, and at other times I ran ahead of them, but mostly I was struggling more than them I think. Took one gatorade and one 750ml water. Just enough. A lot of bullants, one crawled up my leg.
Towards the end my shoelace caught on a treestump as it was getting dark, which shredded my shoelace, and cause me to fall resulting in big cuts to the arms, and a cramping right calf muscle. Minor cut to left knee. Hopefully no major injury issues, and just a war wound from the run. Fantastic run prep for 6 foot I think. Scintillating views of the city,coastal plain, waterfall, perth airport. One of the toughest, and most enjoyable runs I have done in a long time. Really happy to get the opportunity to do this one. One tough hill in the second half the run was just so steep and went on and on for ages…Towards the end me and A had a bit of a sprint off in the dark…what a fun night of trail running…!!!

Tuesday 1st February 2011;
Ran 3km of Intervals on grass track in 11min 35secs. 3.5min rests Heart rates 168-186, but mostly around the 174 mark… 16 second improvement on total time for identical session in first week of January, although in perfect conditions this time (other than the strong southwesterly wind which made it hard work up the front straight, but a nice tail wind in the backstraight.), and also this time the track was well marked so I could concentrate on the session a bit more instead of searching for the track all the time, or trying to cope with excessive heat/humidity mixes… Very pleasing to improve significantly. I think if I can ramp up the fitness enough, eventually 3.40 per K should be possible for this session. Will probably have to do some speed drills and improve my running technigue If I am to go much into the 3-3.30 per Km realm…First 100m was 18 seconds, and with the tailwind I was hitting 20 seconds for first 100m and last 200m, but my 300m-400m sections were very slow about 27 seconds for the 100m, and I think my front straights (200m-300m) were slow also due to the headwind…
Overall lots to work on but a good session this one.

Monday 31st; Ran 5.6km in 34min 6secs HR 129 at end…Pathetic….mostly ran to get my January total above 200km, and to try and get my day off to a better start…oval was a mess of temporary fencing and portaloos leftover from the concert that got cancellled due to the TC that didnt show up…what a shambles…a bit like my training at the moment…although my mileage the last 2 weeks has been very solid…

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Solinsky Lagat Mottram 5000m showdown March 3rd

March 3rd,2011 Melbourne, D-day!...looking forwrad to hearing how this one goes, hope to either be there or get some youtube footage of it, maybe on TV...what a showdown of a race...some big guns in this one...
Tegankamp another sub 13minuter, Birmingham and St Lawrence also there too...