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Amazing racing and training adventures on roads and mountainous/hilly TRAILS, freewaybikehike and triathlons. Dreams of a SIX FOOT 45km finish,(DONE 2011,2013,2014,2015!),then ULTRA-TRAIL AUSTRALIA (50km DONE 2016! 100km DONE 2018!!!), memorable Melbourne Marathon and Gold Coast racing. Over a decade dreaming of a SUB 3HR MARATHON, sub 18min 5k, sub 38min 10k, sub 90min Half marathon etc...(shattered? or still realistic?)

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42.2km SB; 2004; 3.55 2005; 4.02 2006; 4.18 2007; 4.10 2008; 3.55
2009; 4.11 2010; 4.05 2011; 4.02 2012;3.49 2013; 4.12 ... 2014; ; 4.08 ...2015; 4.00
2016; 4.11 2018; 4.15
More ongoing GOALS;
***PB's pursuit; 5k 21.49, 10k 41.01 21.1k 1.41, ...42.2k 3.49

MM and the G!...

In recent years I have been enjoying races like;
December; 6-INCH(46km offroad)2005;--6 hrs 25 min...
2006; 7hrs 04 min 2008; 7hrs 00min...2009; 6hrs 16min
...2010:--5hrs 49min..2011:---5hrs 30min..2013---7 hrs 24min... 2014--- 7 hrs 06min 2015--6hours 43min ...2016---6hours 41min
October; Melbourne Marathon 2007; 4hr 10 . 2008 DNF at 23km..
2009 4hrs 11. 2010 4hrs 05min...2011;4hrs 02min...photos
2012; 3hrs 49min 52secs PB!... ..2013; 4.12 2014; 4.08 2015; 4.05... 2016; 4.53
Rottnest Marathon 2004; 4hr 32min ... 2013; 4hr 16min
August; City to Surf most years since 1997 see HERE for details,photos.
PERTH C2S PB's; 4K;17min 25 (2002) 12K;52min 52 (1997)
21.1K;1.54.20 (2007) 42.2K; 4.00.20 (2015) (2010 video)
Perth City to Surf Marathon finisher 2009,2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
GOLD COAST; 2012 HALF; 1.44 2013 HALF; 1.47 2014 HALF 1.49
2015 4.11 ..., 2016 4.11
PERTH Marathon(42.2km)
2004; 3hrs55min
2005;--4 hrs 02 min. 2006; 4hrs 18min 2007;4hrs 33
2008; 3hrs 55 2009; 4hrs 41min 2010; 4hrs 30min
2011; 4hrs 12min 2012; 4hrs 6min 2013; 4hrs 19min 2014 4hrs 48min 2018 4hrs 15min
2016 50km 9 hours 50min
2017 100km DNF CP4 57km
2018 100km 24hrs 33min 15
April;TWO DECADES of Bridges racing; 1997; 43min 43 1998; 41min 01
1999; 47min 29 2000; 46min 47 2001; (5km) 30min 01 2002; (5km) 22min 48
2003; 42min 40 2004; 48min 50 2005; 44min 40 2006; 48min 07 2007; 49min 16
2008; 50min 42 2009; 49min 54 2010; 48min 39 2011; 52min 55 2012; 47min 02 2013; 54min 45 2014; 48min 47 2015; 49min 53 2016 52min 20
March;6 Foot Track 45km;
2011; 6.53 2013; 6.54 2014; 6.47
2015; 6.14!!! 2016 DNF

As of June 2018; 31 road marathons finished (Perth x12, Melbourne x9,Perth City to Surf x6 Gold Coast x2 Rottnest x2
Have also finished 19 trail ultra races; 6 inch 47km ultra finished 11 times, six foot 45km ultra 4 times, Ultra Trail Australia ultras 2 times, Truth 50km ultra once within cutoff (and once outside cutoff), Lark Hill 50km ultra once.
Also completed the Bloated Goat 31km (1500m Vertical gain) 2 times which is similiar effort to a 46km ultra.
DNFs in UTA100km, WTF50miler, WAMC40miler race, Truth 50km, Six foot and 6 inch.
The first 3 DNFs were after covering more than 42km, and with Truth one was a 25km DNF and the first one I finished the full 50km but was 19minutes outside cutoff battling an ankle injury for 36km.
In road marathons 2 DNFs one at 23km in the 2008 Melbourne Marathon due to severe ankle injury in the first 1km, and PC2S @ 30km.

Most races since October 2009; >
24/06/2018 Eagle 22km 2hrxx(59min officially, but 43min on my watch as started late)
17/06/2018 Perth Marathon 4hrs 15min
19/05/2018 Ultra-Trail Australia 100km 24hrs 33min 15secs 913th of 964 finishers
218 withdrawals
03/03/2018 Lark Hill 50km
17/12/2017 6 inch 48km 7hrs
06/08/2017 Truth 50km 8hrs 22min 59
16/07/2017 Jolly Jumbuck 21km 2hr 54min (94th of 129)
02/07/2017 King of the Mountain 16km 1hr 41min
20/05/2017 Ultra-Trail AUSTRALIA 100km DNF (at 58km and 10hours 38min)
26/03/2017 Bloated Goat 30km 5hr 18min
18/12/2016 6 inch 48km 6hrs 41min
16/10/2016 Melbourne Marathon 4hours 53min
25/09/2016 WTF 50 miler DNF at 55km
14/08/2016 Truth 50km DNF at 25km
3/07/2016 Gold Coast Marathon 4.11
14/05/2016 Ultra Trail Australia 50km 9 hours 50min
3/4/2016 My 20th consecutive Bridges fun run 10km 52.20 (hammy strain)
12/3/2016 Six Foot Track DNF at 30km 5 hours.
---------------------- 20/12/2015 6 inch 47km 6 hours 43min
15/11/15 Bloated Goat 30km Trails race (1600m Vert) 5hrs 43min
18/10/15 Melbourne Marathon 4.05
13/09/15 Fremantle 10km 47min 22
30/08/15 Perth City to Surf Marathon 4 hours 00min 20 secs.
05/07/15 GCM 4.11
24/05/15 R4R Half Marathon 1hr 46min 13secs
12/04/15 Bridges 10km 49min 53secs.
04/04/15 Perth Trail Series Truth & Consequences 50km ULTRA 8hours 49min
14/03/15 Six Foot Track 45km 6hrs 14min 11secs Smashing PB!!! (32min)
21/12/14 6 inch Trail 47km 7hrs 06min 30secs
12/10/14 Melbourne Marathon 4hrs 8min (8th fastest marathon in 25 finished)
14/09/14 Fremantle 10km 49min 26 (first K 3.47 5k split 23.02)
31/08/14 Perth City to Surf 42.2k 4hrs 34min
06/07/14 Gold Coast Half Marathon 1.49
15/06/14 Perth Marathon 4.48
01/06/14 Elleker Half Marathon 1.59.
21/04/14 40 miler DNF (28miles)
06/04/14 18th Bridges 10km 48min 47secs...since 1997
08/03/14 6 Foot Track 45km 6hrs 47min 02. (824th) A PB!!! :-)
09/02/14 Snakes and Ladders 15km 2.05
15/12/13 6 inch Trail Ultra 7.24
27/10/13 Rottnest Marathon 4.16.41
13/10/13 Melbourne Marathon 4.12.55
25/08/13 Perth City to Surf Marathon 4.13.28
11/08/13 Perth Half Marathon 1.54.05
28/07/13 Fremantle 10km 50.06 (very sick but first 1k in 3.55)
07/07/13 Gold Coast Half Marathon 1.47.29

16/06/13 Perth Marathon 4hrs 19min 55secs
My 10th consecutive Perth Marathon...Click to see -> how I became a SPARTAN...

19/05/13 Joondalup Half Marathon 1hr 58min 26secs 310th of 495.
07/04/13 Bridges 10km 54min 45seconds.
09/03/13 6 Foot Track 45km 6 hours 54 minutes 20 seconds. 740th of 804...blog post or ...photos! page.

24/02/13 Perth Trail Series Qi Gong 14km 1hr 37min 04 Placed 79th of 117 finishers.
09/02/13 Busselton Half Marathon 1hr 51min 58 secs 219th. full Busso results here
02/11/12 John Gilmour 10k track 47.17 ..see here
14/10/12 Melbourne Marathon 3hrs 49min 52secs ..(777.)
16/09/12 Fremantle 10km 47min 16
26/08/12 City to Surf Marathon 4hrs 42min 41 secs
15/07/12 Lake Joondalup 10km 47min 30.
01/07/12 Gold Coast Half Marathon 1hr 44min 49 secs. 1668th of 9035 finishers

17/06/12 Perth Marathon 4hrs 6min .. (post and photos here)
20/05/12 Joondalup Half Marathon 1hr 47min 01secs. (151st of 313 finishers)
15/05/12 Masters 5000m 21min 58secs
13/05/12 Bunbury Half Marathon 1hr 46min 45 secs. (76th of 240 finishers)
22/04/12 PTS Ellis Brook 21.8km trails race 3hrs 12min 28secs. 39th.
01/04/12 Bridges 10km 47min 02
25/03/12 17.3km (690m ascent) Swissmurdie trails race 2hrs 19min 17secs 54th of 60.
20/03/12 MastersWA 1500m in 5.56, 100m in 14.3, 400m in 76.4, 5000m in 23.33.
26/02/12 WAMC Swan Twilight 5km 24.32
26/02/12 Perth Trail Series Qi Gong 14km 1hr 44min 08 secs 70th of 102.
04/02/12 Busselton Half Marathon in 1hr 49min 31 secs.
18/12/11 6 inch 46km 5hrs 30min PB!
09/10/11 Melbourne Marathon in 4hours 02minutes 49secs...photos...

12/09/11 Fremantle 10km in 45minutes 50 secs.
7/8/11 Perth Half Marathon in 1hr 47min 46 secs.
17/7/11 Lake Joondalup 10km in 46min 33secs.
19/6/11 Perth Marathon in 4 hours 12min 54secs (351st of 547.)
12/6/11 Lake Monger 10km in 48min 09secs
22/5/11 Bunbury Half Marathon 1hr 51min 44secs 109th of 261 finishers
10/4/11 Bridges 10km 52min 55
12/3/11 6 foot 45km in 6hrs 53min 07 secs...819th...of 877...33 DNF's...4 outside 7hr cutoffRace Report and race photosPre & post race photos,initial ELATION
Note; Completing 6 foot is a major goal achieved which I have had in mind since 2005!!!!!!!

4/3/11 3000m in 12min 40 (19th of 19 finishers)Momentum building a little,sub 13 done! :-)
18/2/11 5000m in 23min 31 (20th of 20 finishers...4 DNF's)..results
5/2/2011 21.1km Busselton Half in 1hr 51min 41 secs for 124th of 218 finishers.
19/12/10 46km 6 inch trails race in 5hr 49min (63rd of 79 finishers)
10/12/10 5000m in 22.43 18th of 18!
5/11/10 John Gilmour 10,000m in 47min 36. (23rd of 31)
10/10/10 Melbourne Marathon 4hrs 5min...2895th of 5027 finishers...
12/9/10 Fremantle 10km in 46min 53...a big SB and my best time since 2005!
29/8/10; 42.2km in 4hrs 15min for 537th of 830 finishers...my 6th best of 12 M. finishes.
19/8/10; 5000m in 22min 06.0 secs (SB by 0.6 of a second, & Stan did a SB also that night)
22/7/10; 5000m in 22min 06.6 secs. (SB and 17secs off my track PB)
20/6/10 Perth Marathon in 4.30.
13/5/10; Masters 2000m 7.55 (first sub 8min run since 2005) & 5,000m 22.42
22/4/10; Masters 800m 2.46 & 5,000m 22.29!~(2nd best ever track 5,000m, track PB is 21.49,)
3/4/10; Australian Masters 35-39yrs; 4th in 1500m 5min 34secs. see here...
28/3/10; Bridges 10km in 48min 39secs. 388th of 1646
25/3/10; 300m in 47.6, 600m in 1.57.0 100m in 14.6
18/3/10; Masters 1500m in 6.03 & 10,000m in 49min 35
28/2/10; 4th place in 6 hour Track Race at Coker Park; 45.003km
6/2/10; Busselton 21.1km in 1hr 52min 50 secs
20/12/09;6 inch 46km 6hrs 16min
15/11/09; Peninsula 5km 22min 5225th of 73.
6/11/09; John Gilmour 10km 48min 39
11/10/09; Melbourne Marathon 4hrs 11 min 33 secs
4/10/09; Freo funrun 5km in 22min 53 secs
... ...
2011; 5hrs 30min 6 inchPB!! 2012; 3hrs 49min PB(Melbourne Marathon)!!2014; 6hrs 47min PB! @ 6 foot!

The next big things racing wise maybe;

6 inch 46km
on 16th December @ 0430hrs, countdown (activated a few days before?) is;

Kathryn and I welcomed our daughter Jordan into the world June 2010 A.D.!
Kathryn and I welcomed our son Jacob into the world in late July 2007 A.D.!
Our challenge is to be good parents with the Creator Gods help!

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Berlin, WAAS, MM TV stars and 5x1400m at 4.18 per K

I dreamed earlier this week I was running in the Berlin Marathon, only to wake up at 0430 and discover I'd fallen asleep on the couch after a hard day at work the day before and the TV was still on and the Berlin Marathon was on TV! hahahaha.

Had a look at the WA Athletics stuff on the web, and Ive decided I will try and get there and start running some 5000m, 3000m and 1500m races this summer, be the first time since 2003/2004 Ive have been back to the track, but it should be fun and I am no stranger to there this will be about my 12th season of competing on the track at this level since it all began in 1989...
See my Runtrack page ii for the last time I dabbled with a track season...or Runtrack i for the time before that...

Enjoyed watching the Melbourne Marathon replay on channel 9 today, and go to see some good footage of Big Kev and Geoffa leading the Melbourne Marathon and doing Western Australia proud...:-)

Resting heart rate 36 on Sunday (about 13 weeks now its been 40 or less!), weight dropped 1kg back to 80.0kg on Saturday, after about my worst reading for the year last week.
Small progress, but certainly some forward momentum this weekend...

Sunday PM session In Detail
PM; 13.75km easy long run in 1 hr 35min 48secs. HR 120.
HR 120 at the end. Splits 43.28/52.20 Felt good early on, and was hitting sub 6 min per K without pushing all that much on this hilly roads/limestone trails mix course. The first 3.5km and the last 3.5km is roads, and the other 6.75km is mostly limestone trails. I much prefer the trails. using a slightly different route than earlier in the year (i.e. more running on steep HILLY bitumen roads, to avoid the magpie trouble spots mostly in the park section I was doing earlier in the year)…Got to the half way mark on same long run course as last week in 41 minutes instead of the 48 min last week, and figured with how relaxed I was I’d have to extend the distance to make sure I went for more than my target time of at least 90 minutes of running…So extended it 250m which gave me an extra 500m distance, and I still came home more than 30 seconds faster than last week despite increasing the distance, and making a big effort to go low intensity on the way back, look after injuries. On the way back took it very easy, walked a bit, and just enjoyed the run running towards the sunset over the Indian Ocean on limestone trail, I’m thinking “it doesn’t get much better than this”…Also keen to look after the calf muscles and the achilles, and avoid a repeat episode of the achilles problem I got towards the end of this course last week. this time it was all good, so Praise God for that. Nice minimalistic time long run again, and with it being 3 weeks since Melbourne marathon, I am hoping that I can manage the injuries enough to start cranking up the training and racing from here onwards, even if it means some physio visits in the coming weeks/months…

Sunday AM;
6km easy recovery run in 32.01 (5.20 per K) HR 144.
Heart rate 144 afterwards, some small hills along the way, about 18-20 degrees, easy recovery run exploring a new “street circuit”, and trying to shake out any stiffness from intervals yesterday. Calf ok. Wore calf guards for protection. Hammy dodgy before, but no issue during. A bit slow and didn’t really feel like attacking after the first 2km or so. Some easterly winds. Solid relaxed run…

Saturday AM; In Brief;
5x1400m in 30min 09.
5.34/5.50/6.28/6.07/6.08 = 6.01 average = 4.18 per KM average.
180/180/165/174/183 the heart rates after each rep.
5 min rests.
The 5.34 is 3min 58 per K pace, and a whole lot quicker than Ive been very often for a few years for a 1400m rep, other than the 1500m race in 5.34 at the Australian Masters Championships this year and the 2000m in 7.55 at Masters this year. Most importantly the calf survived and seems to be healing, didn't give me any pain while running, so the calf guards and 2-3 weeks rest seems to have worked. So a mini-breakthrough session this one.

Saturday AM session In Detail
5×1400m total time= 7km in 30min 09 secs. @ 4.18 per Km.
Average time for 1400m = 6.01.87 Rest between intervals 5 min.

Interval times, 2×700m splits and heart rates afterwards;
1. 5.34.03 (2.42/2.52) HR 180.
2. 5.50.43 (2.57/2.53) HR 180.
3. 6.28.42 (3.13/3.15) HR 165.
(Deliberate attempt for this rep/interval to take it easy and also nervous about 2 greyhounds running free on the oval)
4. 6.07.83 (3.03/3.04) HR 174
5. 6.08.63 (3.06/3.02) HR 183
Strong easterly winds, so was finding the first 200m or so of each rep harder, and from about 350m to 550m was getting a boost from a significant tailwind.
Grass surface pretty good only a slight uphill in one section almost dead flat 700m course.
Excellent conditions to run in only problems were a few dogs running off leads as per usual, and a bit of niggle in right calf and left hammy, but overall a very pleasing session, PB for this session, and feels like we are starting to break a little new ground, although its only a small improvement from where I was at the start of October 2010, and the heart rates were mostly a lot higher.
Calf remains the major injury concern, but the very good news is the achilles was not a problem at all. Calf guards allowing me to run pain free though, mostly just pain later in the day when I took the calf guards off…but a few twinges here and there, I’m guessing its healed significantly since I injured it half way through the Melbourne Marathon on 10/10/10, but not fully healed yet, and will be very suspect for the hilly 6 inch 46km off-road if still in the current state, but I am able to train relatively pain free today, so some shorter races should be ok.
nothing earth-shattering and the heart rates need to come down, but this session gives me hope I can make progress rather than just try to maintain, hold onto some of the leftover fitness from Melbourne.
Positive session, bit of a breakthrough with the 5.34 first rep and then holding onto sub 6 for the second rep but plenty of work to be done to get where I want to. Some good gains there today, and Calf, so far so good….very glad the achilles was good this time, so looking good again maybe…

I bit of a weekend warrior effort this week, but 3 solid sessions with the 4.18 per K 5×1400m a highlight. The achilles seems to have fixed itself, thanks God!, and the calf and hammy concerns/niggles seem manageable this weekend, so maybe can get on with it from here…

So The positive momentum is alive, the injuries, seem possibly beatable today although the calf and the hammy? (or whatever it is) are ongoing issues..., and its hopefully game on for John Gilmour 10k this Friday if my calf continues to survive/behanve enough to allow me to race at close to full capacity. That said I am being very careful to accelerate gradually, and so far the calf guards are playing their part. So far so good...Onward!!! Must get a copy of John Gilmour book this Friday too...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Compress sports does the trick but achilles flares

Sunday 24/10/10 AD ;
Ran 13.25km on hilly roads and limestone trails in 1hr 36min 22 HR 123.

Hilly roads/limestone trails mix long run. Taking it nice and easy, to get a shortish long run on the board to try and maintain some of my long run strength leftover from Melbourne Marathon and City to Surf Marathon, with 6 inch 46k off-road less than 2 months away its important I get my long runs ticking over again. Again the compress sports calf guards seemd to keep the calf pain-free. Did this run after a 20minute break after the 7km tempoish/timetrialish high intensity short run. HR 123 at the end, which shows how low intensity it was, compared to the 180 at the end of the 7k run. Out and back splits were 48.04/48.18. had some hip pain about 60minutes into it, and had to do some stretches, and walking to sort that one out but it came good…Unfortunately I picked up a new injury on the second last steep hill, when the achilles tendon got a bit sore. 24 hours later its still sore. I’m guessing the dodgy calf muscle ran out of juice on the hill, and I put too much pressure on the achilles. So on the one hand a good maintainence long run, that will keep me ticking over for a couple of weeks, but also its onto the regime of icepacks, calf raises, and plantar flex taping, to try and knock this achilles tendon injury (minor I think at the moment) on the head, before it destroys my running for the year. So looks like a few more days break from running at least, have to be careful with this injury, hopefully its only a minor flare-up.

Sunday 24/10/10 AD;
Ran 7km in 33.47 HR 180 at end.

Testing out the calf with my new compress sports calf guards, and good news is it was a lot better than last week.
Looks like rest from running for a week, and wearing the calf guards every day, has improved the calf injury significantly, and advanced the healing process, although I think if I ran without the protection of the calf guards, I might not have been pain-free… Took it a lot easier than normal early on so my pace was very even, although the usual pattern was still there. Was 25 seconds off my PB from 25th August 2010 for this course, so if I can get past the injuries, and hold onto the momentum (11 consecutive weeks now with a RHR under 41 (41 was my best RHR in 2009 a week before Melbourne Marathon, and at that stage it was my best ever RHR ever recorded since I started recording them in 1995!), so just itching to translate that into good races, the City to Surf 4.15, injury plagued Melbourne 4.05, and injury affected 46.53 Freo 10k and 22.06 5k at Masters are all signs of the renewed momentum in the last 3 months, but still feel the breakthrough race yet to come…)some good results feel close…
700m splits; 3.13 (wasted 10 seconds adjusting drawstring on shorts)/3.10/3.29/3.33/3.22/3.29/3.25/3.30/3.24/3.12.
3.5km splits; 16.47/17.00
So a slowish start testing out the calf, and then held that pace fairly comfortably to the finish. HR was a bit high at 180 at the end, although I finished in about 3rd gear, could have come home a bit faster…but not keen to do anything extreme with the dodgy calf. Just a big blessing to be able to run pain-free for the first time since the 20km mark in the Melbourne Marathon, at sub 5min per K…

The momentum is still there with a resting heart rate of 36 this week, and a double session on the sunday to keep things ticking over. The injury issues are still there too, but possibly am winning the war on the calf at this early stage, although the addition of the new achilles issue is very unwelcome. Its tight, its tough, but a lot to work with, and promise of PB attack in 2011 in a big way if we can keep going forward and keep building from here...
Not sure when I will race again, it mostly depends on the injuries, and to race well, I need to beat the injuries enough to start attacking intervals again, but I can think of 6 different racing options, if things come good before the end of the year. 6 inch, John Gilmour, Masters, the Pen 5k/10k, a certain 3k time-trial, and if going really well maybe even consider signing up for a track season with Canning Districts or UWA to sharpen up the speed more over 1500m/3k...are probably the major racing options left this year, if God helps me get past the injuries, and I can (a) keep paying the bills well enough AND hold onto the training momentum...

Friday, October 22, 2010

How do I join the sub 3 hour club.

-Buy some rocket boosters. hahaha.

Seriously though if I am going to bridge the gap between 4.05 and say 3.15, I need to learn from what I did right, and what I did wrong in the 101010 assault.

What I did wrong

No 1 mistake (*cost me at least 20 minutes)-Got a calf strain/tear? at 20.5km. This injury I estimate cost me about 20-30minutes, because I was ready to attack and felt ready to churn out some 4.30-4.50's for at least 10k, which would have seen me to 30k in about 2.25-2.28 instead of about 2.48, which would have given me about 3.45 or better, which was about what I felt ready for on the day.

Possible causes;

-1.1 too much walking around with luggage the day before, instead of that should have got a taxi to my apartment earlier, and gone for a jog around the Tan instead of walking around the city with luggage, and hanging out with BK and BG.

-1.2 Sprinting up steep steps at train station in Perth city and Melbourne airport with nervous pre-race excitement, and carrying luggage with me during travel to Melbourne.

-1.3 Hill reps the week before.

-1.4 metering work, rushing to finish off on Friday before race at work.

-1.5. Compensating for other injuries during my running training, for example the left calf soreness I got in the last 2 weeks before 10/10/10, or the hammy problem I got for several weeks before the race...

-1.6. just the accumulation of injuries I manage, too much managing not enough treatment/physio/chiro due to time and money limitations, too many injuries,= easy development of new ones...

-1.7. the jinx on me between 20k and 23k at the Melbourne Marathon...hahaha, or any other reason I cant fathom...

No 2 mistake- A mix of Hammy? injury and flight/accomodation worries plus work/family/money issues= not enough of the right training in the last 5 weeks.

-2.1. Probably could have done one more long run,preferably one with a bit more attacking in it, although my 31k from Mundaring and city to surf Marathon were both pretty good options in that department.

-2.2. 20k-25k medium time-trial runs. A half marathon race or 1-3 more of these type training runs was probably the key sessions I needed to help me get used to running faster from 10k to 30k, I think thats one of the keys to unlocking a sub 3.30 for me. The hammy injury timing was dreadful on that score.
I did one 20k in 1.41 in training, (needed a couple more to consolidate and maybe a 25k too which I had planned, but never got it done) and as a result was easily able to hit 20k in 1.40 on race day, with a lot left in the tank at that stage...

-2.3.Intervals training was very poor, (also not enough tempo runs or anything like that, just that short stuff around the 5-15k needed to be a bit more consistent and focused) due to hammy injury, and inability to find time and a measured track close to home, and worrying about flights and accomodation...(in the end I borrowed money from a friend for the flights, and if I had done that stuff earlier on I could have spent more time and mental energy on intervals instead...) If i had done the sessions I wanted to do this would have sharpened my 10k-20k time down a bit, which meant I would have been able to hold onto 20-22min 5k times early on and hopefully get to 10k in at least 44minutes, perhaps even 21.1km in a PB of say 1.35-1.40, this would have given me an extra 10 minutes or more to play with...so if my intervals alone had been better it was the difference between 3.45 and 3.30-3.35...

no 3 mistake-
Made a few minor tactical errors with drinks/wasn't mentally strong enough during the race probably cost me 5-10minutes, and maybe a chance to squeak out the PB by a few seconds despite the injury, although if I had been running faster I may have avoided these problems. If I had held onto 4.30's instead of blowing out to 4.50's-5.00's in the first 20k, or if I was not injured for the second half of the race, these drinks issues probably would not have occurred.

-3.1 probably should have grabbed a powerade cup about 5k or so, just to make sure I got to 10k in 45minutes instead of the 48.00 I served up on the day...needed to attack harder from 5k-10k, and especially from 10k to 20k. Just probably a lack of mental confidence there, and a desire to be careful t hold something in reserve for the second half of the race.

-3.2 again because my personal drinks ended up being at longer distances than I anticipated (36.5km and 16.5km instead of 16k and 35k), I was struggling to get to my drinks in time, the one at 36.5k was a real stretch and I basically jogged up the hill by the Tan , so reckon I lost maybe a minute struggling to make it to my first Gatorade at 16k, and probably about 2-4 minutes struggling to get to the 36.5k drink (my previous drink was at 25k)and i took too long to do 25k-35k, and missed an opportunity to stay with the 4hr bus or stay in front of it, as I had planned.

-3.3 Should have stayed with 3 hr pacer for longer. Dropping off the wagon at 2k after an 8.46 isn't good enough with the way I like to race the marathon if I want to go sub 3.30. Lack of mental confidence, and probably lack of training too, meant I didnt have the strength mentally and/or physically to hold onto the 4.10-4.20's (we did 4.09 from 1k to 2k), and try and make it to 5k in say about 21.15 instead of the 22.40 I did. Mentally worried I might destroy my race by going too hard early, but in hindsight, I think maybe I could have gone a little harder, could have been worth another 5-10 minutes or so to me...and to join the sub 3 hour club, I would of course need to be able to sustain about 21-22 minutes per 5k all the way. I have the speed to do that, and my 5k times of 22.06 this year shows that over 5k I can hit a 4.25 per K, just need to find another 5-10 seconds per K...so im in the ballpark, but not quite good enough on the day...

-no 4 mistake I need a better day job. I've known this for a long time, and believe me I'm trying to change this, but so far it just isn't working...

what I did right

-no 1 winner taking leave from the night job from early September onwards helped me hit a real streak of good fitness, and I reckon had a lot to do with my resting heart rate dipping below 40 beats per minute for about 8 weeks straight for the first time ever in my life. Despite my training falling well short of what I aimed for especially in short stuff, intervals and medium runs, I was the fittest I have been in the last 7 years of marathon attack by about 5 beats per minute at 37 or better, (got to 41 beats per minute in 2009, when I was in about 3.40-3.50 condition) which is very significant, and suggests that if I got everything else right, despite the less than ideal last 5 weeks training, a 3.30-3.45 should have been possible and I was confident of this going into the race, although a little leg weary from too much walking around on the saturday and friday before the race, I still felt that with a resting heart rate of 35 on race morning that 3.40's or better had to be very much possible which it was.

-no 2 winner Got a few good sessions done in the lead up that sharpened things and gave me a lot of confidence. The 31k long run at Mundaring a few weeks before, the city to surf marathon in 4.15 on a tough course carrying hydration pack the whole way, and not really attacking in the last 21.1km that much, the 4.19's average for 1400's a week before, the 20k in 1.41, the 10k race in 46.53 a few weeks before race day, the 5k races at Masters in 22.06, even the tempo run with the BT run club, all suggested I was on track, and I was.

-no 3 winner the apartments I booked were pretty close to race start, and the Tan, so were a pretty good option, although with more money probably could do a bit better, but overall a winner...

-no 4 winner just knowing people like Clown, Sling, Kevin, Geoff, Roadblazer, RunningM and others were targeting this race and following other bloggers was a good motivation...

-no 5 winner my drinks strategy on the day was mostly successful, and I think not using Gu's at all worked for me...

-no 6 winner ZERO toilet issues this time, unlike last years disaster, I ate early enough (8pm I think) in the evening and did my no 2's at the apartment at 4am, BEFORE I went to race start, so didn't have to have the queues at the MCG, just went straight to Batman ave. much better.

-no 7 winner Not taking my wife and kids with me. While I missed them, and not having the support was a downer, I was a whole lot more focused on the race, and a lot of my pre-race organisation was heaps better, plus I didn't have any race-day logistical nightmares to deal with...

So how do I join the sub 3 hour club...easy, just fix those 4 mistakes, and keep the 7 winners, and I'll be starting to get pretty close to at least about 3.15's...Consistent training has a lot to do with it, but sorting out the injuries and a better day job or some share market success or something would make it a whole lot easier. Probably a few other things to learn, and while its nice to get a seasons best, and best time at Melbourne, best time since 2008, blah blah blah...I'm still hungry for better success than that. Will I get the chance to chase the dream again, I don't know, maybe not, but its good to debrief a bit, and try and see ways forward, whether or not I get the chance to chase it again...Its hard to keep chasing something youve failed to achieve for 7 years, but I think God willing, its highly likely I'm not done with yet...

First of all though I have a calf injury to fix, and a sore hip/suspect hammy and a tricky couple of months to negotiate re paying the rent, job options etc...Maybe try a certain 10k race in November...but hopefully its game on for 2011, a visit to 6 inch again, and plan on lining up at 6 foot for the first time ever.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chris Macca McCormack Wins His 2nd Hawaii Ironman Triathlon 2010

Melbourne, Mottram, and roads to Recovery from my Calf Injury

Will be adding a new page to Melbourne Marathon Missions central soon...Go HERE for 101010 race report...video, photos, my 17 reasons for going to Melbourne on 10/10/10, plus post re Mottram, Ironman Hawaii, and current status of my calf strain below;

following the 3hr pacer at the start...
Did 4.37 and 4.09 =8.46 for first 2k following the 3hr pacer. First 1k was uphill weaving through masses of slower runners. Then backed off a little decided that pace was too fast, went through 5k in 22.40 feeling very relaxed, and then probably a bit too slow for next 9k (10k 48.00, 14k 68.08...)

Got to 20k in 1.40.50, and was looking to try and speed up a bit and try and get to halfway in 1.45's but then the calf suddenly gave a stab of pain that has persisted with every step of running since, and had no option but to slow up and came through halfway in 1.46.35 as a result, even though I felt ready to attack hard at this stage...

At about 20.5km, tried stretches, walk breaks, stride changes, style changes, and here racewalking, all to no avail. Icepack for 3 minutes at 23km aid station seemed to work best.
Caught between; 1. not wanting to lose precious time at crucial point in the race, and 2. being able to finish at a reasonable pace to get a reasonable time.

Flinders St Station and Federation Square just behind me, about 40km completed (20km of it in extra pain due to the calf) overtaking lots of people in the last 2km or so...ignoring the calf pain, and just trying to hit about 5min per K or so on the very welcome downhill to the finish...

AIRTIME!!!!!!!! aka low-level flying on the MCG...

-I have 24 Melbourne Marathon 2010 photos on facebook now, and also some video. Here is the video;

-Went Craig Mottram talk/Breakfast put on by Radars The Running Centre on Friday.
Was cool, to hear in person from the Big Muzungu, about his perspective on Bideau/,wardlaw, Beijing Olympics, New Delhi Commonwealth Games, and the story about the group of African runners at a major world meet, who didn't know how many laps there was in the race, but their mentor/coach/manager made it clear to them that when they hear the bell for the last lap, "its time to sprint for the finish"...Good example of the culture clash, and how absurdly obsessed we can get with Garmins, watches, and all our western trappings of success etc, technology. Pretty sure God has something to say on this subject in the Bible, maybe in the beatitudes in the book of Matthew.
Anyhow Mottram was saying its important to run on feel, and not get too busy watching the garmin or the stopwatch. I also got this advice from my racewalking coach at masters a few months ago, he told me to stop looking at my watch, and focus on the running... Good advice, which I need to take note of even though I don't have a Garmin. Good chatting with Andrew and ken who I met at the Breakfast about running in general. Felt honoured and a bit nervous being there, awesome morning, which I decided to make the most of by going to The Running Centre afterwards, where I got talked into buying some calf guards (Compress sports same as BBC and Radar use...two people I respect a lot as athletes and people)...the first time I have ever bought anything like this. never used skins 2xu or anything like that before. Had good chats with Wombat Ray (2.13 marathoner, and the only one of those residing in WA I'm pretty sure), and Bean Baugh (starting to hit about 35min for the 10k and was in my Phys Ed class at school) at the Running Centre, and bought the stick, and topped off an awesome morning with Craig Buster Mottrams autograph. One of the runners I totally admire bigtime!!! Probably still Australias best chance in middle distance to medal at Olympics, and holds most of the Australian records around the 3000m to 5000m mark.

tested out my dodgy calf on Thursday at the local park with;
2.1km 10.16 HR 135.
1400m 6min 27 (HR 162)
In the 1400m I did the first 700m in 2.59 which is 4.17 per K pace.
My calf was a minor twinge in the 2.1km, sore but more of a background pain , but when I stepped up the pace from 5min per K to about 4min per K, I got very sore stabs of severe pain in the calf, and it took a bit of mental intensity to push through the injury pain, for my last 700m even though I slowed back to 5min per K type stuff in the last 700m, although it did lessen a bit once I dropped the pace. So my conclusion from that is that the injury is just as bad as it was on Sunday in the marathon, same issue, it won't allow me to go faster than 5-5.30 per K without significant pain with every step. On the one hand I may not need to go under 5 minutes per K at 6 inch to run well, but not sure if I would last the distance anyhow. Either way intervals and 10k races are a big no-no right now, I'm guessing, maybe with a shorter stride, although that didnt seem to work in the melbourne marathon. Maybe with my calf guards, or maybe just be patient until injuey is gone... After that experience I banned myself from running for 3 days for the second time this week. Im guessing its going to be a few weeks before I can race or train again with confidence. best case scenario is it sorts it self out in a few days time, but most likely scenario is I need to rest it for a few weeks, worst case scenario is I have to pull the pin and give 6 inch a miss, and basically write-off the rest of 2010 runningwise. Either way I am not that fussed, although I am keen for 6 inch, but main priority is getting the calf right and keeping income coming in for my family, have to focus more on those things for the rest of this year.
Anyhow hoping the stick (roller thing that Clown recommended), and the calf guards, and some physiotime soon, might do the trick at beating this injury...

Spent the weekend down south with my wife and kids on holiday, explored a tourist cave (trying to look after the calf walking up and down steps) and tried out the new video camera we bought with my wife Kathryn taping Jacob and I feeding horse and kangaroo. Some of the sights in the cave too. The calf guards I have been wearing all weekend, and they are maybe helping the healing process a bit, I don't know...anyhow hopefully onwards and upwards. Well done to Macca and Mirindi (womens winner) for flying the Australian flag for the wins in the Hawaii Ironman triathlon on 10/10/10...See MACCA1...Railert catches Macca...postrace

No regrets about going to Melbourne and I may return for Melbourne Marathon attempt no V (fifth attempt in a row) in 2011, although Hobart, 6 foot, Gold Coast and Alice Springs are all on my agenda too as possible options. I'm pretty keen to get 6 foot done in March, so have booked flights to there already, although its going to feel pretty silly if I am too injured to go, but plenty of time to get ready before March 2011.

I had at least 17 reasons for racing in Melbourne here they are again;
what keeps me going back to melbourne is heaps of different reasons, but I guess the lure of a PB is a big part of my 4th attempt in a row at this race. some reasons in no particular order; -R1. fast mostly flat course.
-R2. minimal concrete, minimal hills = less injury issues for me with my collection of injuries, and lots of opportunity for me to run fast, and at my best, instead of walking up hills looking after my injuries for large parts of my race, or trying to avoid long stretches of concrete to avoid flaring up my injuries
-R3. pace groups, make it easy to to try and stay on pace. there is one for every 10 minutes, so if 3.30 isn't working you can drop back to or try and stay ahead of the 3.40 group or the 3.50 group and so on, and still know you are on a target.
-R4. personal drinks makes it easier to run a fast time.
-R5. inspiring atmosphere (hard to explain this one, but I have Nationals race history going back 20 years in melbourne to 1990. I've raced in melbourne more than 7 times, and every one of them has been memorable races, and only 1 was a total dud (the 2008 ankle explosion), although missing the PB in 2009 was disappointing. Heaps of special memories there, that inspire me, including commonwealth Games , and old training mates from my state record, and state rep days...also crowd support during the race
-R6. the marathon experience from the pre-race expo to the startbetween the Yarra and the Rod laver Arena, running past Fed square and flinders st station, Albert Park, the ocean for much of the race, and The Tan dirt trail section, and finally the nice downhill finish into the MCG, with a lap of this special special place, the only experience that compares to the same feeling, is when I entered the Sydney Olympics stadium in the Olympic trials 20km walk.
-R7. the chance to improve my Tan time,
-R8. one of the few marathons I have a chance of beating my 2004 PB in, which I am desperate to do for a heap of reasons.
-R9. the many friends I know who run it also
-R10. the special family memories I have there with my wife and toddler,
-R11. the chance to be part of the biggest marathon ever staged in Australia in the history of road marathons.
-R12. because I need a major goal race where I can achieve something special and aim for each year
-R13. because it gets me away from the petty politics of WA and
-R14. because Its something I know I will thoroughly enjoy doing and get a great sense of achievement from and hopefully honour God with what I do there.
-R15. it encourages me to have a better lifestyle and aim for better health for me and my family
-R16. i learn from other very experienced runners, and it gives me the ability to contribute better to running in WA as a result,
-17th reason; it is a major thing in keeping alive some now extremely slim but not yet dead hopes of international racing some time in the next 10 years or so....

My goals are 1. enjoy the fantastic experience no matter what happens. 2. try and get to the finish on the MCG again, 3. finally smash that 3.55.02 PB that has been hanging around since 2004!...
4. catch up with some other runners who share similiar dreams/goals, and share their aspirations, encourage them in that. 5. honour/worship God in some way in how I run, relate to others in some ways...

I think I achieved 4 out of 5 goals, just that PB went begging... again......Didn't run the Tan while I was there so some more unfinished business, and my little daughter Jordan hasn't been onto the MCG yet either, so maybe something to do there in a few years time.
Hard to deal with emotionally the failure to nail goal number 3, but the injury totally surprised me, and just couldn't beat it on the day, even though I was fit enough, and mentally ready enough to do it... but must kick on now and try and turn the negatives into positives God willing...

Monday, October 11, 2010

calf strain but 4.05 salvaged in 3rd Melbourne marathon finish

10/10/10 A.D.; Ran the Melbourne marathon for the 4th consecutive year, this time in 4 hours 5 minutes...(22 seconds by my wristwatch). I'm seeing 4.05.21 on official results and 4.05.09 on Marathon-photos.com..(where I have a stack of photos 24 on facebook and some of those HERE)...Cool Running youtube videos appearing online too...I was 2895th of 5027 finishers. race records of 2.11 for men and 2.32 for Women (Ethiopian Seboka who also won the Perth City to Surf Marathon this year, I was standing behind her at the start in Perth I later realised).
-My fastest Melbourne Marathon so far.
-My 3rd finish on the MCG done!!! So mission accomplished there.
-My 4th fastest Marathon of 13 finished so far.
-My fastest Marathon time since July 2008.
-Still no PB since my first Marathon in July 2004.
-Another injury to manage/get healed.
-Well worth the trip, and my seasons best marathon time in 3 finished this year.
-Massive disappointment that I still havent beaten the 3.55, on a day I felt I was capable of 3.40 or better, and on a day I woke up with a resting heart rate of 35, which is my 2nd best resting heart rate so far since 1995.
-Bittersweet emotions. Most of my plans went well, I learned from my mistakes in previous years, and for sure I will be trying again next year if the body holds together, and the opportunity is there.
- A disappointing, frustrating time from 20km onwards but still very special and wonderful day.
Half splits; 1.46.35/2.18.47
5k splits; 22/25/25/26min for first 20km in 1hr 40min,
5k splits continued; 38!!/30/29/35= 2nd 20km in 2hours 12 minutes.
1k splits for first 5k in 22.40;
4.37 (long uphill in a very big crowd of runners following the 3hr pacer weaving through the masses of runners)
4.09 (following the 3.00 hr pace group as the space opened up on St Kilda Rd and the nice flat road encouraged the pacer to make up for lost time in the first K)
4.36 (After an 8.46 2km, I didn't really feel comfortable with that pace, so I figured I'd drop back to 4.30's)
4.50 (Probably relaxed a bit too much here.)
4.28 (Pushed the pace a little to make sure I came in under 23 minutes, and back into 4.30-4.45 sort of zone)
10k split of 48min.00 secs was ok, maybe a bit on the slow side, but still a solid start. From there until 20km I was just trying to stick around 4.45-5.15's and although I only managed about a 52min 10k so around 5.17 per K, I knew I was still very well positioned for an assualt on the PB, and was feeling very, very comfortable. A little disappointed that I couldn't hang onto the 3.10, 3.20 and 3.30 pace groups, but still feeling like I wasn't that far off that zone, and was thinking of targeting about 3.35-3.45 or something like that. When I lost the 3.40 group due to the calf, I knew my chances were very low of getting the PB, and it was hard to stay motivated.
The 14km splits master plan

14km splits; 68.08/88min/89min*. *-(for 14.2km of course)
-Plan was to get to first 14km in 60-70 minutes which I did with 2 minutes to spare, so ok, but not really good, due to leg weariness from work and too much walking around on Saturday, should have got a Taxi, then maybe would have held 4.20-4.45's for longer , so hitting 14k in 66minutes or better.
Plan was to get through second 14km in 65-80minutes, so getting a 28km split of 2.05-2.30. Was trying to step up the pace after slipping out to 5.15-5.30's in the second 10k (52.50) (as I struggled to get to my first gatorade at 16.5km), a bit to get back to 4.45-5.00's per K from about 19km onwards, when I hurt the calf just after 20km. Due to the calf problems, my 28km split was only 2.36, which was 6 minutes adrift of minimum target and and about 18 minutes off ideal target zone for a big PB.
Plan was to get through the last 14.2km in 75-85min, which I didn't due to ongoing calf issues, pace judgement errors, struggling to get to my last drinks stop (which ended up being at 36.5km rather than 35km as in race booklet!), and not enough general mental toughness. Could only manage 89 minutes, which meant I was just over 10 minutes shy of the PB at the finish.
So I think My first serious attempt to use the 14km splits plan worked well, and If I get the opportunity again I think that might be worth doing again. Interestingly my City to Surf Marathon 28km split was 2.38, so my last 14.2km (without as many big hills) was 8 minutes faster (Perth C2S time was 4.15) this time around, and my HALF split of 1.53 in the City to Surf was 7 minutes slower!, plus I felt a whole lot more comfortable and ready to attack in melbourne at the Half way mark...
More detailed race report of the last 22.2km
The right calf strain? (guessing thats what it was) hit at about 20km when I tried to up the intensity a bit in an effort to get to the halfway mark in under 1.46 and under 5 minutes per K. In response to the pain I tried changing my stride, I tried stretching the calf, i tried switching to racewalking, (although I knew my knees would probably pack up on me pretty quickly anyhow if I tried that caper too long...the runners around me thought I was doing a Jared Tallent (won the 20k walk in New Delhi again as did his wife Claire, and did 3.08 racewalking the melbourne marathon last year)photo of me attempting to do the old racewalking thing again coming soon...) I tried a walk break, but this annoying injury which I have never had before, just would not go away, so at 23km I went for an icepack at an aid station and icepacked it for 3 minutes. This seemed to help a bit, although I was still getting pain in it at every step, and that pain continued for pretty much every step from there until the finish, and the left hip seemed to lock up and feel very tight for about 20 minutes or so, as I tried to run more with my left leg instead of my right leg. So I kind of got used to it over the next 2 hours or so, and in the last hour general fatigue started to override it a bit.

Pushed past the 4 hour pace group for awhile and got to 28km in 2hrs 36min, only 6 minutes adrift of my original minimum pre-race target of 2.30, although nowhere near my ideal target of 2.18 or better. I knew that I needed to be at 28km in sub 2.20 to be a good chance of knocking off the PB. 2.30 would have been close enough if good enough, but 2.36 was asking a bit much. Still I entertained slim hopes of trying to get some sub 5min K's on the board, and in other ways I felt really good. However the calf wouldn't allow me to do more than about 5.20 per K, and I knew the PB hopes were over. 4-4.10 was my best chance...Then the 4 hour pace group flew past me on St Kilda Rd, as I was trying to hold onto 5.30-6.15's...Which I was doing...Still felt like 4.09ish was possible, and despite a real struggle to get to the last drinks station at 36.5km instead of 35km! up the hill next to the Tan, where I wolfed down my 3rd Gatorade and water, I knew the long downhill to the finish would see me under 4.10 as long as I held pace, and kept the calf under control. Used my weapon from days gone by of a flat cocacola at 39km, and passed a lot of people from here, and especially on the MCG (about 20). Finished feeling very good physically and went looking for an icepack for the calf.

Spent the rest of the day and evening limping around with a very sore calf...The medal we got was awesome and especially the ribbon thing attached to it. Headed for The Transport and caught up with heaps of wonderful Cool Runners. A good day!

So where to from here? John Gilmour 10k Track is soon, 6 inch 46km is fast approaching, and 2011 is fast approaching. Its hard to pick yourself up from the emotional turmoil and continue on sometimes. Now is one of those times for me. I guess Sally Pearson must have felt like that when she was stripped of her Gold medal in the 100m a few days ago at the Commonwealth Games, or Craig Mottram who possibly could have been on the podium again at the Commonwealth Games, but didn't get selected due to injury during the selection period. Or Slingrunner who was all primed for sub 3 in Melbourne and didn't even get to run, but still showed up to hang out with his fellow bloggers. etc etc etc. Thats why they say (to quote again from my brothers NBA basketball videos) in my best over the top melodramatic Don Lane type voice; "Injury!:An athletes worst nightmare". The other nagging doubt/question in my mind is;, has my body had enough, is it finally self-destructing under the weight of me trying to manage too many injuries and other stuff at once...But I always then think well if God wants me to keep going I'll keep going, otherwise I'll only have "secret racing" (thats an inside joke in BBC's mob) to look forward to, and no real racing, or worse have to become a cyclist, or a triathlete, (no offence but they are not my favourite sports for various reasons, not to mention the cost) or even a video/arcade-game player...I blew $16 on virtua-tennis arcade game at Melbourne Airport pretending I was Leighton Hewitt, Rafa Nadal and Tim Henman. Virtua Tennis 3 seems harder than the earlier versions I can't win the games anymore...Then there is family stuff money work all the usual challenges. The thing I hate about holidays the most is how little money you have when you come back...Anyhow onward and upwards I hope...

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Thanks God and Bound for glory hopefully

Very very busy with work,family, bills matters AGAIN this week, sleep way too low...

Sunday 4x 1400m @ 4.19 per K.
Times; 5.51/5.54/6.04/6.23.
Heart rates 168,174,180,168
At S. Park grass track. Got too dark to do any more and last interval I was slow due to fading light making it hard to see track...But very pleased I was able to get to 1k marks in 4.11, 4.12, 4.22, and even 4.32 in last one where it was too dark to attack...Last year I was able to do 5.50's for first rep, but slipped out to about 6.15-6.30 after that, and my heart rates afterwards were about 10-15 beats higher after each rep, so its obvious I am travelling heaps better than last year...

Saturday 3x 1km hills reps @ 4.52 per K.
2214hrs, elevation 54m...Tough hills course acutely aware of the need to protect the hammy, but keen to grab some fitness benefits late that night, just before midnight...road course, massive climbs on this one...

Monday 12km trails run 80min @ 6.24 per K
Wungong gorge!!! Its been 7 years but still an incredible place, with Bernadette, Rolf and Graeme. Awesome run, hope to be back there again soon...

Best resting heart rate for the week; 39 beats per minute.
Despite very limited training in recent weeks, (although spending many hours walking around streets for work..., and major lifestyle improvements in the last 3 weeks, since I took leave from my night job) it appears my hammy is going to make it, and my calf is going to make it, and my knees and hip and back are going to make it, and I have avoided losing too much fitness as the training has fallen apart...Big news this week was that I finally had the big win I was hoping for in the money stakes, so able to sort out a lot of things, so thanks God for the wonderful blessings!

While I am concerned about my ability to hold pace beyond 14-28km, and my intervals and tempo runs have been almost non-existent, and so very disappointing, I still feel like I have done enough for a big PB, and have held it together ok, although disappointed not to build properly on my best training in August/early September, at least I have tapered, and will try to continue that way in the final few days...

Long runs; adequate (31k, 42.2K two of the best recent ones), but could have done more.
Intervals; suspect (nowhere near enough of them), but what I have done has been very good.
Very pleasing to hold onto 4.19 per K in the 4x1400m this week, and my speed drills have been minimal but good.
Tempo runs short time trials; adequate, but didn't attack often enough; 22.06 5000m (4.25 per K), 33.22 7k, 46.53 10k (4.41 per K) suggests that 4.45-5.00 per K pace should be comfortable...
Medium runs; suspect (not really enough of them), but the 1.41 20k and the 1.53 Half (in City 2 Surf Marathon), plus the 2.10 20.5k run should all help me in the middle stages of the race, just feel that a few more of those my major thing lacking...

While my training has been not as good as 2009, I still feel like I am in heaps better condition than in 2009.Weight has slipped out to 78kg, and RHR more around 39 after the 34-37 action a few weeks ago, but I have been sub 40 RHR for 7 weeks in a row, and prior to 2010 I had never had a RHR sub 41 ever!, so that and the 4.19 pace 1400's suggests I am still on track for a major, major improvement on last year (where I hit the Half in 1.47...) Pacer groups are up on Cool Running, and 6 inch gathering momentum...all still looking good at this stage...
Big plans for the next few months if God allows me to keep going!

Looks like maybe God willing, I'll be bound for glory on 10/10/10...like Deek (DeCastella who revved us all up at the start of Melbourne Marathon last year) and Angry Anderson showed at this AFL Grand Final between the Hawks and the Eagles in 1991...The final countdown week now....We know whats right (Whitecross with Rex Carrolls axe still shredding!!! live at Legends of Rock in Germany September 18th 2010...(Ive been a massive fan of their sound since about 1988...the same year I started keeping training books, mostly for racewalking in those days...)) and Love on the line (1987 track from Whitecross the same year I won my first of scores of state medals, a Silver in little athletics state 1500m walk...when metal and mullets ruled the roost...) always true...Awesome Whitecross video; No Second chances if we waste our life storing up earthly treasures that will waste away and reject our need for forgiveness and guidance from the Most High, the Creator Triune....see 2 ways to live for the answer of life...

I am mega nervous about 10/10/10, even though its just a race, just another marathon......

....Looking forward to Mottram!!!! talk after MM and 6 inch hopefully too in December...