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42.2km SB; 2004; 3.55 2005; 4.02 2006; 4.18 2007; 4.10 2008; 3.55
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2016; 4.11 2018; 4.15
More ongoing GOALS;
***PB's pursuit; 5k 21.49, 10k 41.01 21.1k 1.41, ...42.2k 3.49

MM and the G!...

In recent years I have been enjoying races like;
December; 6-INCH(46km offroad)2005;--6 hrs 25 min...
2006; 7hrs 04 min 2008; 7hrs 00min...2009; 6hrs 16min
...2010:--5hrs 49min..2011:---5hrs 30min..2013---7 hrs 24min... 2014--- 7 hrs 06min 2015--6hours 43min ...2016---6hours 41min
October; Melbourne Marathon 2007; 4hr 10 . 2008 DNF at 23km..
2009 4hrs 11. 2010 4hrs 05min...2011;4hrs 02min...photos
2012; 3hrs 49min 52secs PB!... ..2013; 4.12 2014; 4.08 2015; 4.05... 2016; 4.53
Rottnest Marathon 2004; 4hr 32min ... 2013; 4hr 16min
August; City to Surf most years since 1997 see HERE for details,photos.
PERTH C2S PB's; 4K;17min 25 (2002) 12K;52min 52 (1997)
21.1K;1.54.20 (2007) 42.2K; 4.00.20 (2015) (2010 video)
Perth City to Surf Marathon finisher 2009,2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
GOLD COAST; 2012 HALF; 1.44 2013 HALF; 1.47 2014 HALF 1.49
2015 4.11 ..., 2016 4.11
PERTH Marathon(42.2km)
2004; 3hrs55min
2005;--4 hrs 02 min. 2006; 4hrs 18min 2007;4hrs 33
2008; 3hrs 55 2009; 4hrs 41min 2010; 4hrs 30min
2011; 4hrs 12min 2012; 4hrs 6min 2013; 4hrs 19min 2014 4hrs 48min 2018 4hrs 15min
2016 50km 9 hours 50min
2017 100km DNF CP4 57km
2018 100km 24hrs 33min 15
April;TWO DECADES of Bridges racing; 1997; 43min 43 1998; 41min 01
1999; 47min 29 2000; 46min 47 2001; (5km) 30min 01 2002; (5km) 22min 48
2003; 42min 40 2004; 48min 50 2005; 44min 40 2006; 48min 07 2007; 49min 16
2008; 50min 42 2009; 49min 54 2010; 48min 39 2011; 52min 55 2012; 47min 02 2013; 54min 45 2014; 48min 47 2015; 49min 53 2016 52min 20
March;6 Foot Track 45km;
2011; 6.53 2013; 6.54 2014; 6.47
2015; 6.14!!! 2016 DNF

As of June 2018; 31 road marathons finished (Perth x12, Melbourne x9,Perth City to Surf x6 Gold Coast x2 Rottnest x2
Have also finished 19 trail ultra races; 6 inch 47km ultra finished 11 times, six foot 45km ultra 4 times, Ultra Trail Australia ultras 2 times, Truth 50km ultra once within cutoff (and once outside cutoff), Lark Hill 50km ultra once.
Also completed the Bloated Goat 31km (1500m Vertical gain) 2 times which is similiar effort to a 46km ultra.
DNFs in UTA100km, WTF50miler, WAMC40miler race, Truth 50km, Six foot and 6 inch.
The first 3 DNFs were after covering more than 42km, and with Truth one was a 25km DNF and the first one I finished the full 50km but was 19minutes outside cutoff battling an ankle injury for 36km.
In road marathons 2 DNFs one at 23km in the 2008 Melbourne Marathon due to severe ankle injury in the first 1km, and PC2S @ 30km.

Most races since October 2009; >
17/06/2018 Perth Marathon 4hrs 15min
19/05/2018 Ultra-Trail Australia 100km 24hrs 33min 15secs 913th of 964 finishers
218 withdrawals
03/03/2018 Lark Hill 50km
17/12/2017 6 inch 48km 7hrs
06/08/2017 Truth 50km 8hrs 22min 59
16/07/2017 Jolly Jumbuck 21km 2hr 54min (94th of 129)
02/07/2017 King of the Mountain 16km 1hr 41min
20/05/2017 Ultra-Trail AUSTRALIA 100km DNF (at 58km and 10hours 38min)
26/03/2017 Bloated Goat 30km 5hr 18min
18/12/2016 6 inch 48km 6hrs 41min
16/10/2016 Melbourne Marathon 4hours 53min
25/09/2016 WTF 50 miler DNF at 55km
14/08/2016 Truth 50km DNF at 25km
3/07/2016 Gold Coast Marathon 4.11
14/05/2016 Ultra Trail Australia 50km 9 hours 50min
3/4/2016 My 20th consecutive Bridges fun run 10km 52.20 (hammy strain)
12/3/2016 Six Foot Track DNF at 30km 5 hours.
---------------------- 20/12/2015 6 inch 47km 6 hours 43min
15/11/15 Bloated Goat 30km Trails race (1600m Vert) 5hrs 43min
18/10/15 Melbourne Marathon 4.05
13/09/15 Fremantle 10km 47min 22
30/08/15 Perth City to Surf Marathon 4 hours 00min 20 secs.
05/07/15 GCM 4.11
24/05/15 R4R Half Marathon 1hr 46min 13secs
12/04/15 Bridges 10km 49min 53secs.
04/04/15 Perth Trail Series Truth & Consequences 50km ULTRA 8hours 49min
14/03/15 Six Foot Track 45km 6hrs 14min 11secs Smashing PB!!! (32min)
21/12/14 6 inch Trail 47km 7hrs 06min 30secs
12/10/14 Melbourne Marathon 4hrs 8min (8th fastest marathon in 25 finished)
14/09/14 Fremantle 10km 49min 26 (first K 3.47 5k split 23.02)
31/08/14 Perth City to Surf 42.2k 4hrs 34min
06/07/14 Gold Coast Half Marathon 1.49
15/06/14 Perth Marathon 4.48
01/06/14 Elleker Half Marathon 1.59.
21/04/14 40 miler DNF (28miles)
06/04/14 18th Bridges 10km 48min 47secs...since 1997
08/03/14 6 Foot Track 45km 6hrs 47min 02. (824th) A PB!!! :-)
09/02/14 Snakes and Ladders 15km 2.05
15/12/13 6 inch Trail Ultra 7.24
27/10/13 Rottnest Marathon 4.16.41
13/10/13 Melbourne Marathon 4.12.55
25/08/13 Perth City to Surf Marathon 4.13.28
11/08/13 Perth Half Marathon 1.54.05
28/07/13 Fremantle 10km 50.06 (very sick but first 1k in 3.55)
07/07/13 Gold Coast Half Marathon 1.47.29

16/06/13 Perth Marathon 4hrs 19min 55secs
My 10th consecutive Perth Marathon...Click to see -> how I became a SPARTAN...

19/05/13 Joondalup Half Marathon 1hr 58min 26secs 310th of 495.
07/04/13 Bridges 10km 54min 45seconds.
09/03/13 6 Foot Track 45km 6 hours 54 minutes 20 seconds. 740th of 804...blog post or ...photos! page.

24/02/13 Perth Trail Series Qi Gong 14km 1hr 37min 04 Placed 79th of 117 finishers.
09/02/13 Busselton Half Marathon 1hr 51min 58 secs 219th. full Busso results here
02/11/12 John Gilmour 10k track 47.17 ..see here
14/10/12 Melbourne Marathon 3hrs 49min 52secs ..(777.)
16/09/12 Fremantle 10km 47min 16
26/08/12 City to Surf Marathon 4hrs 42min 41 secs
15/07/12 Lake Joondalup 10km 47min 30.
01/07/12 Gold Coast Half Marathon 1hr 44min 49 secs. 1668th of 9035 finishers

17/06/12 Perth Marathon 4hrs 6min .. (post and photos here)
20/05/12 Joondalup Half Marathon 1hr 47min 01secs. (151st of 313 finishers)
15/05/12 Masters 5000m 21min 58secs
13/05/12 Bunbury Half Marathon 1hr 46min 45 secs. (76th of 240 finishers)
22/04/12 PTS Ellis Brook 21.8km trails race 3hrs 12min 28secs. 39th.
01/04/12 Bridges 10km 47min 02
25/03/12 17.3km (690m ascent) Swissmurdie trails race 2hrs 19min 17secs 54th of 60.
20/03/12 MastersWA 1500m in 5.56, 100m in 14.3, 400m in 76.4, 5000m in 23.33.
26/02/12 WAMC Swan Twilight 5km 24.32
26/02/12 Perth Trail Series Qi Gong 14km 1hr 44min 08 secs 70th of 102.
04/02/12 Busselton Half Marathon in 1hr 49min 31 secs.
18/12/11 6 inch 46km 5hrs 30min PB!
09/10/11 Melbourne Marathon in 4hours 02minutes 49secs...photos...

12/09/11 Fremantle 10km in 45minutes 50 secs.
7/8/11 Perth Half Marathon in 1hr 47min 46 secs.
17/7/11 Lake Joondalup 10km in 46min 33secs.
19/6/11 Perth Marathon in 4 hours 12min 54secs (351st of 547.)
12/6/11 Lake Monger 10km in 48min 09secs
22/5/11 Bunbury Half Marathon 1hr 51min 44secs 109th of 261 finishers
10/4/11 Bridges 10km 52min 55
12/3/11 6 foot 45km in 6hrs 53min 07 secs...819th...of 877...33 DNF's...4 outside 7hr cutoffRace Report and race photosPre & post race photos,initial ELATION
Note; Completing 6 foot is a major goal achieved which I have had in mind since 2005!!!!!!!

4/3/11 3000m in 12min 40 (19th of 19 finishers)Momentum building a little,sub 13 done! :-)
18/2/11 5000m in 23min 31 (20th of 20 finishers...4 DNF's)..results
5/2/2011 21.1km Busselton Half in 1hr 51min 41 secs for 124th of 218 finishers.
19/12/10 46km 6 inch trails race in 5hr 49min (63rd of 79 finishers)
10/12/10 5000m in 22.43 18th of 18!
5/11/10 John Gilmour 10,000m in 47min 36. (23rd of 31)
10/10/10 Melbourne Marathon 4hrs 5min...2895th of 5027 finishers...
12/9/10 Fremantle 10km in 46min 53...a big SB and my best time since 2005!
29/8/10; 42.2km in 4hrs 15min for 537th of 830 finishers...my 6th best of 12 M. finishes.
19/8/10; 5000m in 22min 06.0 secs (SB by 0.6 of a second, & Stan did a SB also that night)
22/7/10; 5000m in 22min 06.6 secs. (SB and 17secs off my track PB)
20/6/10 Perth Marathon in 4.30.
13/5/10; Masters 2000m 7.55 (first sub 8min run since 2005) & 5,000m 22.42
22/4/10; Masters 800m 2.46 & 5,000m 22.29!~(2nd best ever track 5,000m, track PB is 21.49,)
3/4/10; Australian Masters 35-39yrs; 4th in 1500m 5min 34secs. see here...
28/3/10; Bridges 10km in 48min 39secs. 388th of 1646
25/3/10; 300m in 47.6, 600m in 1.57.0 100m in 14.6
18/3/10; Masters 1500m in 6.03 & 10,000m in 49min 35
28/2/10; 4th place in 6 hour Track Race at Coker Park; 45.003km
6/2/10; Busselton 21.1km in 1hr 52min 50 secs
20/12/09;6 inch 46km 6hrs 16min
15/11/09; Peninsula 5km 22min 5225th of 73.
6/11/09; John Gilmour 10km 48min 39
11/10/09; Melbourne Marathon 4hrs 11 min 33 secs
4/10/09; Freo funrun 5km in 22min 53 secs
... ...
2011; 5hrs 30min 6 inchPB!! 2012; 3hrs 49min PB(Melbourne Marathon)!!2014; 6hrs 47min PB! @ 6 foot!

The next big things racing wise maybe;

6 inch 46km
on 16th December @ 0430hrs, countdown (activated a few days before?) is;

Kathryn and I welcomed our daughter Jordan into the world June 2010 A.D.!
Kathryn and I welcomed our son Jacob into the world in late July 2007 A.D.!
Our challenge is to be good parents with the Creator Gods help!

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

3hrs 55min in my 5th Perth Marathon

Sunday 6th July 2008 A.D. Ran Perth Marathon in 3hr 55min 10seconds. Heart rate 195 at end, due to sprint at end trying to snare PB, and cranking it up over the last few km.

Missed PB by 8 seconds...DUH!!!!!!! I was 196th of 366.

Pretty happy with an excellent run, although was hoping to go closer to the 3.30 mark, was pretty happy to go sub 4 hours for first time since 2004!

Photos on the post above, and also two @ see FUSE Photography, my race number is 477.....
The splits;
Half marathon splits 1.46.25/2.08.45
14k splits; 67/82/85

5k splits;
0-10k; 22.55/24.31/
10k-20k; approx. 25.20/27.20
20k-30k; about 29min/about 32min
30k-40k; 32.25/29.36?

1k-4.20 3k-13.18 4k 18.06 5k 22.55
Ran at the back of 3 hour pace group from approx. 500m-1500m.
Saw Nathan (3.10),Clown (3.09) and Epi (3.19) go past soon after I let them go.

***OPPORTUNITY ONE (if extremely well prepared, should have stayed with Epi or Nate a bit longer...

6k-27.47 7k-33.35 10k-47.26 (fastest 10k this year)
Hitting about 4.30-4.55's...
12k-57.06 (fastest 12k this year) 13k- 62.10 14k-67.11 (fastest 14k this year)
settled into about 4.50--5.10's...
Got caught by 3hr 30 pace group (including gunner) just after 14k, and lost touch with them at my first major drinks stop at Como Beach, someone said "stay on the bus"...but I had to deal with my drink and gel, and coudlnt do it, and after that I knew that a sub 4 was going to be more likely today, despite a pretty good start hitting the times I wanted no worries at all...

***OPPORTUNITY TWO lost to do better (if I had been better prepared), should have gone with Gunner and the main sub 3.30 group then.

Struggled to get going after that, and after the Raffles/Canning Bridge, my rhythm,motivation etc went down the drain, as usual in the concrete section towards the turnaround and back to Raffles, which I dont like running...although some of the Tompkins park bit is ok...
16k-1.18 20k-1.40.03 21.1k-1.46.25
Finding it hard physically and mentally to stay motivated from there on, but tried to work hard through Tompkins Park...
24k 2.03 25k 2.09 28k-2.29 30k-2.41.11
got going at times, but took two toilet breaks...pretty trashy...

***OPPORTUNITY THREE; needed to work harder in this tricky concrete dominated section and should have tried to go with Gary Carlton (This legendary Marathoner and last years Pres, and regular Comrades runner did 3.38, despite very bad injury and Comrades a few weeks before) when he went past at about 24k, as one astute hills group runner suggested to me at the time...Again concentrating on my drinks, and poor prep meant it slipped away.

32k-2.53.15 (fastest 32k this year) 33k-2.59.57 34k-3.06.46 35k-3.13.36
getting sore, and struggling to get uner 6 min per k. left hip and knee soreness, worked through it, and hung in there, hoping to hold onto the sub 4 and maybe a PB...
Saw Hunna go past during this bit, found out later she was one of the regular posters on WAMC this year...during the race it was just another of the many people who said hello, some I knew, some I'd not met before in person, or didn't recognise...

Waving to my Dad near Como Beach my last Gatorade stop for the day...

***OPPORTUNITY FOUR; If I had done more long runs, had better lead in in the last few days, I would have been able to go with Hunnas little group, and staying with them to the finish would have snuck me under the PB just...

So these lost opportunities are things to remember if I race again, to try and recognise and capitalise on next time hopefully...

36k-3.19.10 37k-3.25.08 38k-3.31.11? 39k-3.37.10? 40k-3.43.12?
pushing hard to try and get under 4 hours, and give the PB a shake...hurting!
Going ok though, starting to get some 5.50-6.10 per k stuff going...
had drunk all 3 gatorades, and 2 of my GU's, plus some pepsi (at coode st) which gave me a good kick in the last few km, by about 39k...

41k-3.49.11 42k 3.54.26
last 195m in 43seconds...
Surged for a 5.59, and a 5.15 as I tried to force my tired,stiff legs, to go for broke to the finish line..and tried to ignore the fact that I felt like I was about to pass out...

I know I gave it a good hard go, cos the medical people asked me if I was ok at about 35k, and then again after I finished...

Had a chat with Macca afterwards a bit, and various others.

So a successful race, and arguably my best of 7 marathons (including the last 5 Perth Marathons)...Didn't get deep into 3 hour territory like I have been aiming all year, but the last few weeks have been to chaotic, and especially the last few days...Working 1800-0200 on Friday, and 1600-000 last night (callcentre night work),and the last two nights having 5 and 4 hours sleep respectively, is less than ideal prep, but you get that sometimes...

and I am very happy I did not succumb to the thoughts of not showing up for this race...
Update 8/7;
I was very sore on Monday, walking up and down stairs and hills was agony during my meter reading work, and I had no energy so I dont think I replaced glycogen properly afterwards...
Tuesday, I have the energy back again, and fast movement, but stairs still a problem a little especially going down...But should be fine by Wednesday...

Some awesome runs by many people looking at the results today...Nates 3.10 and daves 2.59, plus Clowns 3.09, Hunnas 3.53(at first attempt!) all very impressive! Epi's 3.19 on poor prep very gutsy, Worsfolds 3.29, and many others really very good results...

update 8/7;
Official results @ HERE
Lots of 6-inchers in results, Colin 2.56, Simon 2.59, Dave 2.59, Nathan 3.10, Craig 3.19, me 3.55, Rebecca 3.57, Kaye 4.11, Cherie 4.11...

Also a stack of the Comrades/Hills Group runners as usual, its a monumental effort how the Comrades runners can back up for the Perth Marathon a few weeks after the 89km Comrades in South Africa...

40 miler legend Mick Francis did a 2.53, for yet another sub 3 marathon this year!

A very good run for me the 3.55, but the sensational PB smash will have to wait for another day if I can manage to get myself up for another marathon...

Left knee a bit sore at times, and I am very sore/cripple like (lack of long runs in recent weeks partly the culprit, but my guess that my meter reading work (and fortnightly long runs from March-May, especially 46k in 40 miler race in March) combined with losing 6kg in weight this year would give me a good shot at a sub 4 proved to be correct...Considering the larger amount of much more focused training I did in 2004, this is arguably a better run...

Have to see now how I can adjust my running plans to my new job if it lasts, but Melbourne Marathon (have to try and beat Guy McKenna ex West Coast Eagles preiership player and Assistant coach with Collingwood these days), and Sydney Half Marathon, perhaps 6-INCH are all high on my wish list for 2008....

Be nice to beat West Coast Eagles coach John Worsfolds stunning debut marathon of 3.29 too...
See HERE for photo and full details...

Thankyou! WA Marathon club for a sensational 30th Perth Marathon experience, and to everyone who ran or said hello, or watched, you all help to make this event into a wonderful experience for me today...

Also big thanks to my wife for Kathryn for helping me get my drinks in yesterday,and minding the fort at home as usual, my Dad,Mum and youngest sister for being there....
Also thanks to the lady at work who agreed to do my 1800-0200 shift last night..

Hopefully some exciting times ahead...Maybe Melbourne Marathon in October my next PB smash attempt...


Blogger Clown said...

Well done TB, saw you at the 42k mark when I was walking back to the car and yelled out but you were just so focused on finishing.

Excellent effort, well done.

Sun. Jul. 06, 04:24:00 pm AWST  
Blogger plu said...

Well done on your sub 4 finish - big day on the east and west coast.


Sun. Jul. 06, 07:13:00 pm AWST  
Anonymous Hunna said...

Good work TB, great run. Well done for pushing through the pain to up your pace at the end. I was in no state to do that at all so my admiration goes out to you!

Mon. Jul. 07, 08:22:00 am AWST  
Blogger trailblazer777 said...

Thanks Hunna. :-)

Mon. Jul. 07, 08:09:00 pm AWST  
Blogger Tesso said...

Sub 4 - well done! Looks like you set some nice 2008 PBs along the way too.

Hope you do have another crack at the marathon, with a smoother run (ie less or no toilet breaks, no sore bits, more long runs) you're bound get closer to that 3:30 mark, if not under.

Enjoy the recovery if it doesn't hurt too much :)

Mon. Jul. 07, 09:30:00 pm AWST  
Blogger trailblazer777 said...

Thanks Tesso, I took your editorial advice *LOL* haha :)

Maybe I'll come do Melbourne again this year, to give that elusive PB another chase, see how everything goes. I'd like to.

Canberra,GC,Sydney,Alice Springs,Townsville?,Bunbury etc, etc are unexplored for me as yet too...

Have to say the 24-48 hours after was one of my top 3 worst recovery experiences out of 7 done...Ouch...but you get that when you don't train properly...

Hopefully Melbourne can be a chance to keep the performance curve improving this year...

Tue. Jul. 08, 09:22:00 pm AWST  
Blogger Ewen said...

You did well! Sub-4 and so close to a PB is pretty damn good considering the less than classic preparation. The 'slight' positive split would have hurt the final time a bit too.

From the video, looks like you can also call it an 'off-road' marathon PB :)

Hope to see you at Melbourne - I'm down for the 10k.

Tue. Jul. 15, 05:01:00 pm AWST  
Blogger trailblazer777 said...

Thanks Ewen for the encouraging wisdom. Hopefully catch up with a few bloggers like yourself in Melbourne.

Wed. Jul. 16, 07:04:00 pm AWST  
Anonymous Nate said...

Well Done Jon! You surprised me with your sub 4hr time, your training must be working and you must be stoked to be in PB form (even though you just missed out). Keep up the good work - great ridgetop walk photo's BTW, I seriously considered a spur of the moment trip down this weekend to see the snow and do some running but it didn't work. Can't wait to get there again - I'm thinking of a Ridgetop walk stage challenge maybe over 2 days. We'll see.

Mon. Jul. 21, 02:07:00 pm AWST  

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